Technology FAQs

Tutorials for tutorials on commonly used software.

Desire2Learn (D2L)  On how to navigate D2L.

CITS Training (Central Information Technology Services)



How do I log on to UW-WC Computers?

Active UW-WC Students: Enter your user id & password. 
If unknown or forgot, go to Access your user id & password 

How do I connect my UW-WC email to my phone?

Setup your e-mail account on your mobile phone

Where can I find free Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Software? 

Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog (WISC Software)
Symantec Anti-Virus

Why doesn't D2L work on my home computer?

 Try running the D2L System Check

I'm a student, how do I enter my worked time?

A. Student Entry Timesheet VideoTutorial and Student Timesheet Entry Documentation

What do I need to know about printing on the UW-WC campus?

  • Printing Balance - Click on the paper account icon on the taskbar. Your remaining balance will display. The first $10.00 of printing is included in student fees. Prints are .05/page for black and white, and .25/page for color. To add additional money to your printing account contact the circulation desk in the Learning Commons. 

  • The default print setting is DUPLEX setting.  This means that print jobs over one page in length will be printed back-to-back as the default. Why--This change will help us reduce our expenses on paper. 

  • Use the print preview function to check your page count and format before you print.  Be prepared to see your printouts back-to-back.

  • One Sided Printing - If you still need single-sided printing, you can still designate the print job in that format.  In the Printer Properties turn the Duplex setting to  ‘off’.  This will change only the current print job.  You will not be able to change your default to OFF.

How do I check my grades on PRISM?