Printing & Email Access

Email Access

Through Office 365 students will have access to email, calendar, OneDrive, as well as the online versions of Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint, all by logging into the same place.  From the home page click on "email" in the quicklinks at the top and log in.  All students are encouraged to store files in the OneDrive.  This information is in the Cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. Log in to your school e-mail account and click on OneDrive. If you do not know your user name or password follow the link and enter your information Access User ID and Password

Current UW-WC Students

Click on campus email in the top quicklinks on this page and enter your username and password.

College Connection Students

To access UW-M e-mail accounts, students can log into any UW-WC lab machine and visit

UW-WC and UWM Concurrent Enrollment

If a student is enrolled concurrently in both UWM and UW-WC classes, they will have email accounts at both institutions. Once a student is no longer taking UW-WC classes, their only email account will be through UWM Pathermail.