Speakers Bureau

The following listing of UW-Washington County faculty are available as speakers or consultants.

Some speakers may charge for mileage or ask a fee. The costs of consulting services are negotiable and depend on the type and extent of the services. Through the links below, you can contact faculty directly to arrange for speaking engagements or other services and determine availability, remuneration and audience needs.

Available Speakers


Dr. Christopher Hays

Professor, Sociology/ Anthropology

Areas of Expertise:

  • Burial Mounds in the Eastern U.S.
  • Human Evolution;   Medical Anthropology
  • Prehistoric Religious Rituals
  • Selected Topics of Wisconsin Archeology


Joshua Lesniak

Associate Professor, Art

Areas of Expertise:

  • Ceramics;  Modern Architecture and Design
  • Modern Art, Sculpture

Biological Sciences

Dr. Toye Ekunsanmi

(262-335-5250, x 254)
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Areas of Expertise:

  • Food and Water Borne Diseases
  • Microorganisms/Human Parasites
  • Use of Herbal Remedies

Dr. Wayne Schaefer

(262-335-5250, x 252)
Professor, Biological Sciences

Areas of Expertise:

  • Blue Walleye of Canada
  • Canadian Wilderness Ecology


Dan Anhalt

Assistant Dean of Administration & Finance

Areas of Expertise:

  • Economic Development Issues
  • Human Resources


Dr. Mohamed Ayoub

(262-335-5250, x234
Professor, Chemistry

Areas of Expertise:

  • Chemistry in Daily Life
  • Chemistry & Physics of Color
  • Theoretical /Computational Chemistry in the
  • Classroom and Research
  • Imaging Individual DNA Molecules and Applications for Biotechnology
  • Green Chemistry

Computer Science

Mechtild Johnson

(262-335-5250, x 314)
Associate Professor, Computer Science

Area of Expertise:

History of Computers

Jennifer Buchholz

Associate Lecturer, Computer Science

Area of Expertise:

  • Microsoft Office Training
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Administrator


Dr. Larry Gomes

Professor, Business/Economics

Areas of Expertise:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Economics of Banking; Money & Banking
  • Industrial Organizations

Scott Steinke

Associate Lecturer, Business/Economics

Areas of Expertise:

  • Current Economic Trends
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Market Analysis


Dr. Jennifer Heinert

(262-335-5250, x 316)
Associate Professor, English

Areas of Expertise:

  • American Literature
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Toni Morrison
  • Narrative Theory & Genres
  • Rhetoric and Composition

Dr. William Malcuit

(262-335-5250, x 317), Assistant Professor, English

Areas of Expertise:

  • African American Literature 
  • American Literature and Culture
  • Critical Theory;  Literary Modernism, Poetry

Dr. Patricia Roby

(262-335-5250, x 315), Emeritus Professor, English

Areas of Expertise:

  • Contemporary Literature    
  • Film & Literature: American and Global
  • Gang Language and Identification
  • Indian Myths and Storytelling
  • International literature, Mystery Writers
  • Native American Literature and Culture
  • Women's Literature

Dr. Anne Widmayer

(262-335-5250, x 318)
Associate Professor, English

Areas of Expertise:

  • British Culture
  • Drama, Modern Mystery Writers
  • Research Methods
  • Women’s Studies


Dr. Paul Price

Dean, CEO

Areas of Expertise:

  • Dams, Rivers and Streams
  • Glaciation in the Kettle Moraine
  • Surface Water Hydrology


John Degnitz

Associate Lecturer, History

Areas of Expertise:

  • History of Western Civilization
  • U.S. and World History 

Dr. Michael Thorn

(262-335-5250, x 315)
Emeritus Professor, History

Areas of Expertise:

  • Art and Architecture of England
  • Collecting Fine Antique Engravings
  • Modern Ireland, Conflict in Northern Ireland
  • Nazi Germany and the Holocaust

Library Science

Jennifer Chamberlain

Library Director

Area of Expertise:

Information Access and Research Skills


Dr. Peter Gibeau

Associate Professor, Music

Areas of Expertise:

Classical Music and German Translation


Dr. Richard Hanson

Senior Lecturer, Philosophy

Areas of Expertise:

  • Philosophical Anthropology (human nature, philosophy of culture)
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Religious Ethics (Catholic Social Teaching, Buddhist precepts, Islamic jurists/ethics)
  • World Religions  

Dr. Mark Peterson

Professor, Philosophy

Areas of Expertise:

  • History & Philosophy of Science/Technology
  • Existentialism
  • Environmental Ethics, Eco-Feminism, and Radical Environmentalism
  • Philosophy and the Martial Arts
  • Mythology and Joseph Campbell
  • Tai Chi 

Dr. Tait Szabo

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Areas of Expertise:

  • Abortion
  • Animal Ethics
  • Blackmail
  • Human Transplant Organ Sales
  • Sexual Ethics, esp. Prostitution
  • Sports Ethics, esp. Performance Enhancing Technologies

Physics & Astronomy

Dr. Swapnil Tripathi

(262-335-5250, ext. 237)
Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Areas of Expertise:

  • Astronomy
  • Black holes/neutron stars
  • General Physics
  • Theory of Relativity
  • Interreligious Dialogue