University Ambassadors

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Washington County's University Ambassadors are the community outreach body of the campus.

uwwc-building front with 2 students

The University Ambassadors have played and continue to play a critical role in acquainting the public with the cultural and artistic offerings of UWM at Washington County, and have worked closely with local government agencies to make them aware of the benefits that the campus brings to our entire community.

The Ambassadors have also helped our commuter campus build a sense of community that brings students, staff and faculty together. Opening and closing all-campus picnics are sponsored by the Ambassadors as are events welcoming new faculty and staff to the community. Their work has helped UW-Washington County achieve its record enrollments and outstanding retention of first-year students. 

Ambassador Chair

L. Jane Maley 


Larry Bales
Ruth Ann Bales

Dave Bertelsen
Tom Brigham
Paul DeChant
Mary Dengel
Norbert Dettmann
Shawn Graff
Barbara Herther
Gaytha Hillman
John Hubbell
Allan Kieckhafer
Maggy Kuhn
Sue McCullough
Nancy Mehring
Don Muth
Margaret Nielsen
Ruth Reines
Ruth Schmitt
Nancy Van Vooren