Take a look at the credit outreach opportunities that are available through Continuing Education! 


UW-Milwaukee at Washington Continuing Education prides itself on being active in our community by offering many different outreach options.



Community Outreach

Customized Business Training

Are you looking for training solutions for employees of your business or non-profit organization? Are you a professional needing to advance your career? Maybe you are a small business needing to market your company on a shoestring budget? Continuing Education can help! Today’s marketplace and economy are challenging. We can help you combat the obstacles that might be in your way.

Businesses and Non-profits

Empower your employees. Commit to ongoing education and training. It is one of the best investments you can make yielding numerous benefits:

  • Increased employee motivation
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Increased job satisfaction and employee morale  
  • Enhanced company image and potential recruitment tool
  • Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain

Contact us today to develop your customized plan.

Contact Holly Wehrhahn, or call (262)-521-5460.

Judo (for community members and credit students)

UW-Milwaukee at Washington County Continuing Education is offering both Beginning Judo and Intermediate/Advanced Judo on Monday evenings this fall with Jon Sanfilippo, the highest ranking black belt in Wisconsin! He coached the first US Woman Olympic Silver Medalist and has been teaching Judo for 50 years. These courses can be taken for earned credit or personal enrichment. Here is the student credit course info:

HES 037 Judo, Beginning level, prism #1347, 1 credit

HES 299 Independent Study in Physical Education: Judo, Int/Adv level, prism #3793, 1 credit

For community members interested in registering for non-credit Judo, please visit the West Bend recreation Department's website at www.ci.west-bend.wi.us  to register.


WaCSEF Science Fair

Science Fairs provide students with a way to investigate STEM technologies that they are interested in and provides students with opportunities to research, present their findings, and earn scholarships/awards for their future. A science fair  can open doors to career opportunities, improve speaking and presentation skills, and increase a student’s scientific knowledge. The Waukesha Colleges Science and Engineering Fair (WacSEF) is a way for students to start in local fairs and progress up to regional and state fairs and is great preparation for the International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF).

The student or student team will choose their project from their choice of many disciplines such as physics, math, computer sciences, medicine/health, behavior/social science, biology, chemistry/biochemistry, environmental science, and engineering. The student or student team, with help, can tailor a project to their STEM talents and interests. WacSEF follows the ISEF procedures and rules established for grades 9 -12 and prepares students for competition as well as safe experimentation. The Badger State Science and Engineering fair (BSSEF) is at the state level in Wisconsin. Students will be able to continue to present at the BSSEF.  

Wisconsin Science Education Foundation is announcing the eighth year of the Waukesha Colleges Science and Engineering Fair, WaCSEF. WaCSEF is a SE Wisconsin wide fair, open to any high school student that does not have a regional fair in their surrounding area.

Please register at www.wacsef.org

Online ACT Prep Course

Continuing Education offers an online, self-paced ACT prep course for high school students.  This course includes the ACT Pre-test and Post-test as well as 24/7 flexibility and five additional months of access. Click here to learn more

Career Exploration

Continuing Education offers a week-long Engineering Boot Camp for high school juniors and seniors during the summer. This camp can be taken with college credit, and is designed to educate students about the different disciplines of engineering that exist in order to inform their career pursuits. Students are able to visit various facilities, receive an overview and tour, and share lunch with engineers to ask them about their experiences. 

Educational Travel for Students

 In conjunction with our educational travel program, students are eligible to join our community members and earn college credit on some of our featured Domestic travel destinations. Please click here to view our educational travel opportunities.