Writers' Guild

The Writers' Guild is a campus club, for lack of a better term, that inspires creative thinking in your everyday writing. Writings are published once a month in the campus newspaper, the Ubiquitous, and its own publication is printed once at the end of the year in a magazine called Pyrite. The organization meets regularly throughout the fall semester.  Some meetings include poetry readings and writing workshops to help advance our writing ability and share our creativity.

If you are interested in writing, creativity, and particularly writing creatively, be sure to join Writers’ Guild!  We just figure it’s better to get involved in an organization that offers us advancement through one or two credits and the chance to add the title "published author" to our resumes. 

Spring semester involvement in Writers’ Guild means working on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Washington County literary magazine, Pyrite. If you would like to be involved in the magazine or would like to submit work to be considered for publication, please keep your eye out for an email early in spring semester.

To Join...

Enroll in ENG 290 - Special Topics: Writing Publications online on PRISM. For information about student clubs, contact Tima Guled


Meeting time is determined each semester, dependent on the schedules of students wishing to be involved.  

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