Student Veterans of America




"Veterans Helping Veterans"

The Student Veterans of America (SVA) is a group of college-based miliary veterans and supporters, dedicated to supporting military veterans, their families, and their communities.

Meetings are Tuesdays from 2pm to 3pm in room 203.

The advisor is  -

Initial goals include:

  • Assist student veterans as they make the transition from service member, to civilian, to student. They will do this by distributing information, including forms, documents, lists of organizations and contact information useful for veterans (including disabled veterans) and their families; who are recently released from the military and those new to the college in which they are enrolled.
  • Promote healthy interactions with fellow veterans and students, both on and off campus, by way of social gatherings and community activities.
  • Provide special services to assist disabled veterans.
  • Various veteran outreach activities to provide direct services to veterans' families, including those deployed and the families who await their return.
  • Educate the college community about the special experiences, circumstances, strengths, and needs of the military veteran and their families.


Spring 2015 Officers

President: Jon Barker
Vice President: Mitch Bury
Secretary: Anna Cantrall
Treasurer: Joe Romanshek


lunch with WW2 Veterans

lunch that veterans plan and serve
"Meet and Greet" - lunch for WW2 Veterans