Phi Theta Kappa and the College Life Exploration Center

Phi Theta Kappa


College Life Exploration Center (CLEC) Rm 308

Executive Board
President: Emory Salberg
Vice President: Donald Christianson
Secretary: Mary Greuel
Treasurer: Arber Shehu
Faculty Advisor:  Chris Yogerst

Founded in 1918, Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is the international honor society for two-year colleges offering associate programs. PTK has chapters in more than 900 two-year colleges, inducting more than 50,000 students annually.

PTK  bases all programs on its four hallmarks: Scholastics, Leadership, Service and Fellowship. In addition to recognizing and promoting scholastic achievement, PTK also provides members opportunities for leadership development; encourages members to conduct service projects for the benefit of the college and the community; and fosters an atmosphere conductive to scholarly fellowship.

Membership Qualification Criteria

Students enrolled in 12 or more credits at UW-WC during the semester in which they qualify for membership must earn at least a 3.3 semester GPA and a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Any students meeting this criteria for membership will be invited to attend informational meetings once classes begin.

Join PTK!

To join PTK, check out the Phi Theta Kappa website for more information, contact a current member, or contact the Faculty Advisor, Professor Chris Yogerst.  

Meeting dates are Thursdays at 12pm in Room 308, the College Life Exploration Center!

Benefits of Membership

Each newly inducted member receives:

  • Golden Key of Phi Theta Kappa membership pin
  • Membership certificate and wallet identification card
  • Membership Manual
  • Scholarship Directory that includes a list of scholarships specifically designated for PTK members
  • One year's subscription to the Golden Key newsletter
  • Automatic listings of the National Dean's List
  • Complimentary copy of 3.5 PLUS Annual Journal
  • UW-WC transcript stamped "Member of Phi Theta Kappa"
CLEC Coordinator
Mental Health Counselor,Michelle Appel, MAC PCTL

Located on 3rd floor in Room 308, the College Life Exploration Center (CLEC ) offers many valuable resources to currently registered students including Peer Mentoring by PTK members, a study space, computers/printer, the Mental Health Counseling office, academic advising, and career exploration resources.

PTK and the CLEC are partnering to bring you the 2016 Volunteer Fair:  Wednesday, October 19th @ 10am-2pm in the Main Lobby of the UW-WC campus!  Volunteering is a great way to put experience on your resume, network for future employment, and, above all, PAY IT FORWARD!

Mission Statement:  

The mission of the College Life Exploration Center (CLEC) is to assist current UW-WC students in a peer-to-peer mentor/mentee style on issues regarding both academics and their personal life.

What is a Peer Mentor?  

Balancing school and work with the rest of life’s responsibilities becomes increasingly difficult, we want to help!  The College Life Exploration Center (CLEC) offers UW-WC students an opportunity to work with a peer apprentice that is willing to assist other members of their cohort in a number of ways.  Peer mentoring can cover anything not currently offered by the Learning Commons Tutoring Center, including deciding on a major, figuring out the whole 'college thing', job applications, referral to resources available on campus, etc.

The CLEC peer mentors will publish their availability each week on the schedule at the front desk in Room 308. There is more information about each Mentor below! The CLEC is a drop-in center that provides regular and consistent services that are not limited to academics.  It is a partnership between the UW-WC PTK Club and the Mental Health Counseling Office. For matters regarding PTK, please see the club advisor, Professor Chris Yogerst, and for other matters outside the scope of mentoring, please contact the CLEC Coordinator/Mental Health Counselor, Michelle Appel.

PTK Peer Mentor is a UW-WC student in good academic standing who has proven the they can manage their time wisely. Members of PTK are all eligible to be peer mentors. Each mentor outside of PTK must be approved by PTK and must maintain a minimum semester and cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and complete the interviewing process with the CLEC Coordinator and/or the PTK Advisor. Interested in becoming a Peer Mentor? Print, complete, and turn in the Mentor Application to the CLEC Director in Room 308 and you will be contacted for an interview.

Click here for the Fall, 2016, Mentor Schedule!


Meet your PTK Peer Mentors...

Mentor Hours: M 1-2pm, T 11am-12pm, 2-3pm, W 11am-12pm, Th 11am-12pm, 4-5, F 11am-1pm
Major: Pre-med
Plans after UW-WC: Transferring to UW Madison
Random Fact about me: I was in the Marine Corps and visited nine different countries!


Mentor Hours: MW 10am-2:30pm
Major: Undecided
Plans after UW-WC: Too many to say!
Random Fact about me: I don't eat meat, only seafood.
Mentor Hours: W 11am-12pm, 1-2pm, R 1-4pm, F 10am-2pm
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Plans after UW-WC: Transferring to UW Milwaukee, Fall 2017
Random Fact about me: Hello everyone! I am the treasurer of PTK Honors Club, and the Executive Director for the Student Government Association. I also work as a math tutor in the Learning Commons. I like to talk and help everyone! If you ever have any questions about your college journey, please don't hesitate to ask.
Mentor Hours: M 9am-12pm
Major: Psychology
Plans after UW-WC: Transferring to UW Milwaukee
Random Fact about me: I am a member of the national Phi Theta Kappa organization. I love fishing but I won't eat fish because of the smell.
Mentor Hours: MW 1-2pm, 3-4pm, F 1-2pm
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Plans after UW-WC: Transferring to UW Platteville
Random Fact about me: I like to work on race cars in my free time.
Mentor Hours: MWF 2-5pm, TR 4-5pm
Major: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Plans after UW-WC: Transferring to UW Milwaukee
Random Fact about me: I work at the world leader in advanced lighting, JW Speaker Corp. I work and practice with mechanical engineers and the sales and marketing departments under the directors of the company. We offer internships year-round for marketing, sales, and of course, engineering. Secondly, aside from being the President of UW-WC's Honor's Society, I am also the head of Public Relations for the UW-WC Student Government Association. So, if you have any questions or comments about your college life here at UW-WC, please find me in the CLEC during my Mentor Hours!
Mentor Hours: M 10-11am, 12-1pm, T 12-3pm, W 10-11am, R 12-3pm, F 10-11am
Major: Undecided; considering Dietetics or Physical Therapy
Plans after UW-WC: Transferring to UW Stevens Point to pursue a bachelor's degree in health sciences
Random Fact about me: I am the President of the Veteran Students of America club at UW-WC. When I have the time, I enjoy trap/sport clay shooting and dirt-biking!
Mentor Hours: M 4-6pm, TR 10:15am-1pm
Major: Finance/Accounting
Plans after UW-WC: Transferring to UW Madison or UW Milwaukee and then become the Most Interesting Man in the World and spokesman for Dos Equis
Random Fact about me: I am a fantasy football savant!
Mentor Hours: MW 11:45am-1pm
Major: Business
Plans after UW-WC: Transferring to UW Milwaukee
Random Fact about me: I love dogs!
Mentor Hours: MW 9-11am
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Plans after UW-WC: Transferring to UW Platteville
Random Fact about me: My favorite movie is Shrek2!
Mentor Hours: R 1-2pm, 4-6pm, F 10am-12:30pm
Major: Film Studies
Plans after UW-WC: Transferring to UW Milwaukee
Random Fact about me: I am the President of SGA, Secretary of PTK, and I work in the Library! If you have any questions regarding clubs and student involvement, hit me up! If you also have questions regarding anything library or research related, I can help you with that too. Sour gummy worms are my fav, and TV series and movie talk are a must with me!
Mentor Hours: W 2-3pm, F 9-10am
Major: Kinesiology
Plans after UW-WC: Transferring to UW Madison
Random Fact about me: I love to swim! I have traveled to the Philippines, Canada, and England!
Mentor Hours: W 2-3pm, 4-5pm, F 9-10am
Major: Elementary Education
Plans after UW-WC: Transferring to UW Platteville
Random Fact about me: I have traveled overseas on to Ireland, Italy, and England. 
Mentor Hours: As Needed
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Plans after UW-WC: Transferring to UW Milwaukee
Random Fact about me: I play on the UW-WC Soccer Team!
Mentor Hours: M 3-4, T 12-1, W 1-2, 3-4, F 12-2
Major: UW Platteville Collaborative with UW-WC in Electrical Engineering
Plans after UW-WC: Work in the engineering field.
Random Fact about me: I like camping and volunteering with my son's Scout Troop. I am a non-traditional, returning student. I am married with 4 kids, 3 cats, a bearded dragon, and a beta named 'Tesla'!

The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.  ~C.S. Lewis

Whether you think you can, or think you can't... you're right!  ~Henry Ford