CRU Club (Campus Impact)

CRU Mission 

CRU Club-2013Cru exists to provide regular opportunities to study and discuss the Bible, worship, and pray, all in a group setting, which also provides opportunities for fellowship, encouragement and spiritual development among members. We seek to be a resource to the student body by offering opportunities to discuss spiritual matters and provide materials in the form of outside speakers, videos, books and articles, all for their benefit and consideration. Cru has an open-door policy. Anyone affiliated with UWM at Washington County as well as any interested persons outside UWM at Washington County are welcome to attend the Bible studies and meetings. Cru was formed by Christians who agree in their belief that man's only access to God is through Jesus Christ and faith in His deity, His death as full payment for man's sins, and His resurrection. While this is the foundation for the Bible study, those holding other beliefs are more than welcome to attend and participate!

The advisor is Mohan Thapa.

CRU Club meets Thursdays at noon in Room L285