Business Club


Meetings are typically held every other Monday at 12:10 p.m. in room 215. 


  • Club President: Ellie Stoffel
  • Vice President: Nicole Schumacher
  • Treasurer: Andrea Wiedmeyer
  • Secretary: Michaela Savage

 Club Advisors: Assistant Professor Carl Gahala or Professor Larry Gomes 

Club Focus

The purpose of the Business Club is to:

  1. Gain practical business experience through involvement in university and community related projects
  2. Increase awareness of business opportunities
  3. Maintain open communication between students, faculty, and the business community
  4. Develop skills in all areas of business
  5. Promote the study and research in the field of business
  6. Study and discuss contemporary business issues and how they relate to the community
  7. Encourage and uphold sound, ethical practices and high standards of professionalism