Student Organizations

Why join a club?

Participation in clubs and organizations enhances your college experience by sharpening your organizational, leadership and communication skills. You also have an opportunity to make new friends by getting involved in any of the many activities on campus. Contact the Student Affairs office if you need more information on any club activities. You can also find information about each club in the list below.

Start a new club

There are lots of opportunities to get involved in campus life at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Washington County! If you don't see an organization you're interested in, you can create your own!  Clubs can be related to your intended major or special interest. Organizing a club allows you to invite guest speakers, take tours and meet people with similar interests.

To start a club, you only need to find three interested students and fill out some simple paperwork. Get started by choosing an organization that you are interested in. When you get involved, you'll develop a sense of belonging to the campus community, plus -  you'll get to meet some new people and have fun in the process! 

For more information about the clubs below or to start a new club: contact Tima Guled in Student Affairs.

Awareness & Inclusion Club

Meetings: Alternating Tuesdays, Noon, Room 285 in Learning Commons
Advisor: Liz Schielke, Student Services Advisor

BSU (Black Student Union)

Meetings: Thursdays, Noon, Room 101
Advisor: Tima Guled, Student Services Advisor

Business Club

The purpose of the Business Club is to:

  1. Gain practical business experience through involvement in university and community related projects
  2. Increase awareness of business opportunities
  3. Maintain open communication between students, faculty, and the business community
  4. Develop skills in all areas of business
  5. Promote the study and research in the field of business
  6. Study and discuss contemporary business issues and how they relate to the community
  7. Encourage and uphold sound, ethical practices and high standards of professionalism

Meetings: Meeting times vary. Please contact the club advisor for more information. 
Advisor: Carl Gahala, Assistant Professor, Business Department
Officers:  Club President: Jacob Bons; Vice President/Treasurer: Anastasiia Iurchenk; ​​​​​​​Secretary: Robert Perzigian

CRU Club (Campus Impact)

Cru exists to provide regular opportunities to study and discuss the Bible, worship, and pray, all in a group setting, which also provides opportunities for fellowship, encouragement and spiritual development among members. We seek to be a resource to the student body by offering opportunities to discuss spiritual matters and provide materials in the form of outside speakers, videos, books and articles, all for their benefit and consideration. Cru has an open-door policy. Anyone affiliated with UWM at Washington County as well as community members are welcome to attend the Bible studies and meetings. Cru was formed by Christians who agree in their belief that man's only access to God is through Jesus Christ and faith in His deity, His death as full payment for man's sins, and His resurrection. While this is the foundation for the Bible study, those holding other beliefs are more than welcome to attend and participate!

Meetings: Thursdays at noon in Room L285
Advisor: Mohan Thapa, Assistant Professor, Mathematics Dept. 

Environmental Club

Meetings:  2/5, 2/19, 3/5, 3/19, 4/2, 4/16 & 5/7 at noon in Room 101
Advisor: Rob Sanborn, Lecturer, Geography-Geology Department

Gaming Club

The purpose of this club is to afford like-minded students to get together regularly as a group to analyze and participate in card playing.

Meetings: Meeting times vary. Contact the club advisor for more information. 
Advisor: Stephan Scholz, Assistant Professor, Sociology Department

GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance)

Meetings: Thursdays, Noon-1pm, Study Room D, Library
Advisor: Anne Widmayer, Professor, English Department

Model United Nations

Meetings: Wednesdays, 4:30pm -6:30pm, Room 305
Advisor: Brandon Savage, Associate Lecturer, Political Science Department

Phi Theta Kappa

Founded in 1918, Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is the international honor society for two-year colleges offering associate programs. PTK has chapters in more than 900 two-year colleges, inducting more than 50,000 students annually.  PTK  bases all programs on its four hallmarks: Scholastics, Leadership, Service and Fellowship. In addition to recognizing and promoting scholastic achievement, PTK also provides members opportunities for leadership development; encourages members to conduct service projects for the benefit of the college and the community; and fosters an atmosphere conducive to scholarly fellowship.

Students enrolled in 12 or more credits at UWM at Washington County during the semester in which they qualify for membership must earn at least a 3.0 semester GPA and a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Any students meeting this criteria for membership will be invited to attend informational meetings once classes begin.

Each newly inducted member receives: Golden Key of Phi Theta Kappa membership pin; membership certificate and wallet identification card,; membership manual; scholarship directory that includes a list of scholarships specifically designated for PTK members; one year's subscription to the Golden Key newsletter; automatic listings of the National Dean's List; complimentary copy of 3.5 PLUS Annual Journal;  UWM at Washington County transcript stamped "Member of Phi Theta Kappa"

PTK members can also apply to be Peer Mentors in the College Life Exploration Center. Contact Michelle Henderson for an application and more information. 

Meetings: Thursdays at 12 p.m., Room 308, (College Life Exploration Center)
Advisor: Chris Yogerst, Assistant Professor, Communications Department
Executive Board 2018-2019:

  • President: (Fall Term) Nick Shininger, (Spring Term) Lisa Flynn
  • Vice President: (Fall Term) Lisa Flynn, (Spring Term) Nick Shininger
  • Executive Director: Sydnie Albert
  • Treasurer: Nora Nuhiji
  • Public Relations: Nick Theisen

SAFE (Student Alliance for Equality)

The Campus SAFE club is committed to promoting equality and respect for all members of our campus community, regardless of sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, etc. If you're interested in meeting a group of students committed to diversity and mutual respect, please consider attending our meetings. 

Meetings:  Thursdays, Noon-12:50 p.m., Room 311
Advisor: William Malcuit, Professor, English Department

S.T.E.M. Club (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

Established in 2000, the S.T.E.M. club encourages students’ active participation and leadership role in all S.T.E.M. fields and disciplines, including Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Nursing, Physics, Astronomy, Medicine, and Pharmacy. 

The goals of the S.T.E.M. Club include: facilitate and enhance students’ understanding of S.T.E.M.; promote students’ active involvement and participation in co-curricular S.T.E.M.-based activities; attract, recruit and retain more students in the S.T.E.M. fields; help form a S.T.E.M. community on campus; strengthen the links among the S.T.E.M. departments; build relationships with area industry and research institutions; assist in improving the teaching and learning of S.T.E.M. on campus

Everyone is welcome to attend the Wednesday noon seminars and there is no admission charge. 

Meetings: Wednesdays at noon, Room 201
Advisor: Dr. Mohamed Ayoub, Professor of Chemistry, 262-808-4118

  • President: Rachel Uhren, Co-President: Felix Chavez-Almeda
  • Vice President: Brandon Parsons, Co-Vice-President: Angela Pereira Prazeres
  • Treasurer: Blake Karsten, Co-Treasurer: Aricka Ullius
  • Secretary: Shakeya David, Co-Secretary: Ariahna Grossenbacher

Socrates Cafe

Each week, a student chooses a philosophically interesting topic, makes an assertion about it, and then responds to questions about or related to the assertion. Everyone takes a turn asking one question. Join us for some interesting discussion!

Meetings: Mondays at noon,  Fireside Room (FA213) 
Advisor: Dr. Tait Szabo, Professor of Philosophy


Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official representative and legislative body for all students. Members work with staff, administration, and faculty to develop all areas of student life, and represent students on university committees. SGA also reviews and offers recommendations to the campus dean for portions of the segregated fee budget. The segregated fee budget funds a number of programs on campus, as well as all of the clubs and student organizations. 
The SGA office is located in the Student Union, located in the lower level (below cafeteria).

SGA is the official organized voice of the student population - it actively promotes students’ interests, organizes student activities and manages student funds. The officers work closely with faculty, staff, and students on a wide range of campus-specific and system-wide issues. SGA members also act as student representatives on various campus committees.

Advisor:  Tima Guled, Student Services Advisor
President:  Victoria Davis; Vice President: Gabriel Newton; Treasurer: Veda Inchaurregui; Executive Director: Caleb Opgenorth; Public Relations Officer: Kiley Komro

Senators: Daniel Britton, Haddie Cantrall, Ariahna Grossenbacher, Chelsea Inchaurregui, Emily Koller, Riley McGrew, Nora Nuhiji, Nathan Skutley, Mike Wallace

Student Veterans of America

"Veterans Helping Veterans." The Student Veterans of America (SVA) is a group of college-based military veterans and supporters, dedicated to supporting military veterans, their families, and their communities. 
The Club goals include: 

  • Assist student veterans as they make the transition from service member, to civilian, to student. They will do this by distributing information, including forms, documents, lists of organizations and contact information useful for veterans (including disabled veterans) and their families; who are recently released from the military and those new to the college in which they are enrolled.
  • Promote healthy interactions with fellow veterans and students, both on and off campus, by way of social gatherings and community activities.
  • Provide special services to assist disabled veterans.
  • Various veteran outreach activities to provide direct services to veterans' families, including those deployed and the families who await their return.
  • Educate the college community about the special experiences, circumstances, strengths, and needs of the military veteran and their families.

Meetings: Noon, Room 203; Dates vary - contact advisor for more info.
Advisors:  Debbie Butschlick and John & Donna Kleinmaus
Officers:  President: Adam Bunkelman; Vice President: Alex Gusman; Treasurer: Matt Dubinski

UFAN Club 

The members of the United Federation of Astro-Nuts (UFAN) meet to promote and nurture the curiosity of the natural world and scientific thinking via hands-on exploration of astronomy and physics. Join us as we share our interest in astronomy and physics!

Meetings: Mondays, Noon, Room 
Advisor: Dr. Swapnil Tripathi, Associate Professor of Astronomy, Physics

Writers' Guild

The Writers' Guild is a campus club, for lack of a better term, that inspires creative thinking in your everyday writing. Writings are published once a month in the campus newspaper, the Ubiquitous, and its own publication is printed once at the end of the year in a magazine called Pyrite. The organization meets regularly throughout the fall semester.  Some meetings include poetry readings and writing workshops to help advance our writing ability and share our creativity.

If you are interested in writing, creativity, and particularly writing creatively, be sure to join Writers’ Guild!  We just figure it’s better to get involved in an organization that offers us advancement through one or two credits and the chance to add the title "published author" to our resumes. 

Spring semester involvement in Writers’ Guild means working on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Washington County literary magazine, Pyrite. If you would like to be involved in the magazine or would like to submit work to be considered for publication, please keep your eye out for an email early in spring semester.

Meetings:  Varies - contact advisor for more information
To join:  Enroll in ENG 290 - Special Topics: Writing Publications online on PRISM. For more info, contact Tima Guled


Other student organizations include:

In addition to these formal student organizations, other groups meet informally, often over the lunch period (noon to 1pm) to play Chess and learn new things (such as juggling, Tai Chi) and watch films.  Intramural sports are also available in the gym.