Student Organizations

There are lots of opportunities to get involved in campus life at UW-Washington County! Get started by choosing an organization that you are interested in. When you get involved, you'll develop a sense of belonging to the school, plus -  you'll get to meet some new people on campus and have fun in the process! 

For more information, click on the red links below or contact Debbie Butschlick.

BMX Bike ShowIn addition to these formal student organizations, other groups meet informally, often over the lunch period (noon to 1pm) to play Chess and learn new things (such as juggling, Tai Chi, formal dancing (as in samba, tango, waltz) and watch films.  Intramural sports are also available in the gym.

"Wassup Wednesdays" provide fun activities from noon to 1pm on Wednesdays. These include live music,entertainment,BMX bike show,food, massages, etc - all free of charge. ...