Sexual Misconduct & Dating Violence

Sexual Misconduct, Dating/Relationship Violence & Gender-based Discrimination

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Washington County is committed to providing a safe and inclusive learning and working environment. We prohibit gender-based discrimination or harassment (including sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, dating/relationship violence, and stalking), as outlined in our Policy S78 and  Policy S47.

Report It

Submit a report to UW-Milwaukee to share your concerns about distressed, concerning, or disruptive behaviors, or to seek assistance for students who've experienced hardship or trauma.
For emergencies, call 911 or contact your local law enforcement agency. 


There are campus and community-based resources to help you respond to or manage sexual misconduct, dating/relationship violence, or gender-based discrimination. Visit UW-Milwaukee website for more detailed information about Title IX, or visit the counseling resource page for more local information on counseling, and related support.

Sexual Assault & Violence Education (SAVE)

The Sexual Assault & Violence Education (SAVE) program strives to meet the needs of victims and engage students in making informed decisions and healthy choices.