UW-WC Professors Recieve Kaplan Award

Honors Program Cited

UW Colleges Chancellor, Ray Cross announced that two UW-Washington County faculty, Dr. Christopher Hays, Professor of Anthropology and Dr. Margaret Hamilton, Professor of Psychology, were chosen to receive an Arthur M. Kaplan Award for the 2012/13 academic year. The honor was given for their contribution in developing two honors-level, interdisciplinary courses that now serve as the foundation for the honors program at UW-Washington County. The program provides an outlet for high achieving, primarily second-year students, with the aim of increasing both their recruitment and retention.

The Arthur M. Kaplan Award program was established to recognize outstanding contributions made to education by UW Colleges faculty and academic staff. It pays tribute to the positive spirit that Provost and Vice Chancellor Emeritus, Arthur M. Kaplan contributed to enhance education at the UW Colleges.

Professor Hamilton, along with Dr. Sandi Brunette-Hill, Associate Professor of Sociology, initially developed the course titled, Deviant Minds (INT 290) in 2010. Dr. Hill received a Kaplan award recognizing her efforts with this project in 2010. The interdisciplinary course, offered in the spring semester (Tuesday/Thursday 10:50am-12:05pm), approaches the concept of deviance from both sociological and psychological perspectives, including the “deviant” (rule-breaking) categories of mental illness and criminal behavior.

Dr. Hays, along with Dr. Kirk Tyvela, Assistant Professor of History. initially developed the course, When Cultures Collide which is offered in the fall semester. Dr. Tyvela received a Kaplan award recognizing his efforts with this project in 2010.  Using interdisciplinary methods of anthropology and history, the course examines the flashpoints of major cultural encounters where distant and different societies come into direct conflict.

UW-Washington County is located at 400 University Drive in West Bend. The spring semester begins Friday, January 25. For more information, about the campus, contact the Student Services Office at (262)-335-5201 or visit washington.uwc.edu.     


Sue Bausch