UW-WC to Participate in UW System Flexible Option


Students at the University of Wisconsin-Washington County will be able to participate in the UW System Flexible Option degree program announced today by University of Wisconsin System President Kevin P. Reilly, according to Dr. Paul Price, campus executive officer and dean.

“As a campus of the University of the Wisconsin Colleges, UW-WC is excited to participate in the UW System’s Flexible Option,” Price said. “The Flexible Option is primarily designed to serve adults who want to obtain a college degree. Increasing the number of college graduates will strengthen our local economy by meeting the needs of employers for qualified employees.”

UW Colleges will provide general education, liberal arts freshman and sophomore level offerings that will be available in a competency-based, self-paced format as early as fall 2013. Students will be able to complete competencies and assessments in biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, engineering, physics, psychology, health, exercise science and athletics, women’s studies, business, political science, English, Spanish, geography, anthropology and sociology, history, art, and music. The UW Colleges will work to provide the Associate of Arts and Science degree via the UW Flexible Option.

For more information about the UW Flexible Option, visit http://www.flex.wisconsin.edu/

UW-WC is a campus of the University of Wisconsin Colleges, the UW System’s network of 13 freshman/sophomore campuses. Through traditional instruction and UW Colleges Online, students can earn an Associate of Arts and Science degree and transfer to any baccalaureate and professional program at a four-year UW campus. For more information about UW-WC, visit the website at washington.uwc.edu or phone Student Affairs at 262-335-5201.


Sue Bausch