Two UW-WC Professors Receive Kaplan Award

Award recognizes outstanding contributions
By UW-Washington County

Talitha SelbySwapnil Tripathi

Two UW-Washington County professors were chosen to receive an Arthur M. Kaplan Award for the 2017/18 academic year. They include: Dr. Talitha Selby (Chemistry) and Dr. Swapnil Tripathi (Physics/Astronomy).
The announcement was made by Dr. Cathy Sandeen, UW Colleges and UW Extension Chancellor. The announcement was made by Dr. Cathy Sandeen, UW Colleges and UW Extension Chancellor, noting, “our students and our institution are made stronger” by their efforts.

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Talitha Selby’s award was in recognition of her efforts to bring “laboratory experiences to students that help them to understand difficult concepts even before they are discussed in lecture.”
Dr. Selby uses an empirical model for molecular polarity in thin layer chromatography measurements to help nursing students better understand solubility trends of large organic molecules.

Associate Professor of Physics/Astronomy, Dr. Swapnil Tripathi was recognized for his “continual work to improve teaching and meeting the needs of students.” Dr. Tripathi redesigned the Flex Physics 100 course and developed a new homework system for an Engineering class. It was noted that these “adjustments demonstrate commitment to student needs.”

The Arthur M. Kaplan Award program was established to recognize outstanding contributions made to education by UW Colleges faculty and academic staff. It pays tribute to the positive spirit that Provost and Vice Chancellor Emeritus, Arthur M. Kaplan contributed to enhance education at the UW Colleges. The Kaplan award is for $250, with matching funds awarded from the Washington County Campus Foundation.

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Sue Bausch, Regional Director of Communications