Student Spotlight: Alex Bruni

Environmental Ethics Class Confirms His Career Plans
By UW-Washington County

UW-Washington County’s March Student Spotlight is on Alex Bruni of West Bend.  Alex’s major is environmental conservation, a decision that was confirmed after taking several courses at UW-WC and better realizing “the importance of our actions in relation to the environment.”

The Spotlight highlights a UW-WC student’s academic achievement and provides the community with an inside look into campus life and a greater understanding of the diverse profiles and experiences of our students.Alex Bruni

Name:  Alex Bruni
Age:  19
Hometown: West Bend
Major:  Environmental Conservation
High School: West Bend West, 2016

Why did you choose your program/major?  I have taken several courses on campus that made me realize the importance of our actions in relation to the environment. It’s also a plus that I already enjoyed venturing out into the wilderness.

Major/Career Goal:  I plan to attend UW-Madison or UW-Milwaukee to complete a degree in environmental conservation. My career goal is to ultimately work for a private company, or possibly a non-profit in educating people, cleaning up the environment, or finding innovative approaches to living with the environment instead of on top (of it).

Outside of being a college student, what takes up your free time?  I have two jobs. I am a manager at Jumbo’s Frozen Custard in West Bend and I work as a sale associate in Home Theater at the Best Buy in Menomonee Falls. Between the two jobs, I work approximately 30-50 hours a week. I have worked at Jumbo’s for about two and a half years and have also trained workers to ensure friendly service daily. I recently started working at Best Buy and enjoy helping people find solutions to their technical issues and recommend the best solutions. On campus, I am involved in SGA (Student Government Association), Business Club, and PTK (Phi Theta Kappa). I have been the Executive Director of SGA since fall 2017, as well as the President of the Business Club.

Favorite professor or staff member?   I have had a few wonderful professors throughout my three semesters at UW-WC. The first is Carl Gahala (Business).  I have had the privilege of taking three of his classes and have seen his desire to see all his students succeed and gain the most out of their education. The other is Mark Peterson (Philosophy). While I have only taken two of Professor Peterson’s courses, he has changed the way I look at the world. One of the courses that he offers - environmental ethics - is simply phenomenal and solidified my decision that environmental conservation is the path for me.

Advice for incoming UW‐WC students?  Don’t be afraid to get to know your professors and become involved on campus. You are paying to attend the school; get the most of your money.

Additional thoughts:   My time in SGA has helped me see the importance of being involved on campus. We, as students, pay SEG fees that allow organizations and clubs on campus to have funds to host different campus events. SEG fees also hold up the student union. SGA has the power to give athletics more money - if we believe that it’s an important part of campus life, or to cut their budget for the opposite reasoning. Before joining SGA, I didn’t know that the club played such an important role on campus. I have been the executive director for a semester now and have enjoyed the greater amount of involvement in the club as opposed to being a senator. I also have the honor of serving on SLIC, which is the committee that decides the amount of money that campus organizations, like athletics, receive from SEG fees in a given year.

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Sue Bausch, Regional Director of Communications