Student Spotlight: Abigail Donath

Goal is to be a Pediatric Oncology Nurse
By UW-Washington County

UW-Washington County’s Student Spotlight for March is Abigail Donath of Campbellsport.  The Spotlight highlights a UW-WC student’s academic achievement and provides the community with an inside look into campus life and a greater understanding of the diverse profiles and experiences of our students.
Typical of many UW-WC students, Abigail lives at home and works two jobs as she makes her career goal of becoming a pediatric oncology nurse become reality. 

Abigail DonathName: Abigail Donath
Age: 18
Hometown: Campbellsport
Career Goal: Pediatric Oncology Nurse
High School you graduated from and year: Campbellsport High, 2016


Why did you choose UW-Washington County?

I chose UW-Washington County for a good education for half the cost and I can live at home. By staying at home, I can save money not only for my future, but to further my education.

Outside of being a college student, what takes up your free time?

Outside of school, work takes up most of my time. I work in the Solution Center on campus and also waitress at Texas Roadhouse.  If I don't have to work, I like to hang out with my friends and family.

Who is your favorite professor or staff member?

If I had to choose a favorite professor, I would choose Dr. Molly Magestro. Having her as my first English teacher helped me not only get ready for the next level of English, but she helped me see if you put your mind to it, you can get it done. I don't just have a favorite professor; I also have a favorite staff member(s) - everyone in the Solution Center here! They make work fun and I always look forward to going into work for a couple hours a day.

What is your favorite class?

My favorite classes (so far) include psychology and physiology. I enjoy learning about how humans work through their mind and body.

What do you plan to do after UW-WC?

After UW-Washington County, I’m currently planning to complete a degree in nursing through collaborative degree program with UW-Milwaukee. I want to be a pediatric oncology nurse to help make the kids feel happy. I understand it may be difficult at times, but I believe I’m up for the challenge. With my time at UW-M, I also want to take advantage of studying abroad. I would like to travel and learn about my major while doing this.

UW-Washington County is located at 400 S. University Drive in West Bend.  The campus offers freshman and sophomore level classes in over 250 majors with dedicated faculty and small class sizes, providing an optimal learning environment. Tuition and fees for full-time students living in Wisconsin for the 2017 spring semester are $2,550.18, providing an affordable access point to the UW System. For more information about the campus or the collaborative degree programs, visit the website, or email:


Sue Bausch, Regional Director of Communications