Scholarships Awarded at UW-WC

Over $145,000 Presented to Students
By UW-Washington County

Students attending the University of Wisconsin-Washington County (UW-WC) were presented with over $145,000 in scholarships at the Scholarship Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, May 23. Joan Rudnitzki, Executive Director of the Washington County Campus Foundation, which administers the scholarships,
noted that awards for the 2017-18 school year included 29 new freshman, 43 current students and 26 transferring students.

UW-WC Campus Administrator, Courtney O’Connell welcomed scholarship presenters (which include representatives from area businesses, civic groups, foundations and memorial bequeaths), scholarship recipients as well as the faculty, families and friends in attendance. Presentations were made by Dennis Degenhardt, Washington County Campus Foundation President and UW-WC Anthropology Professor,
Chris Hayes, a member of WCCF and Chair of the Scholarship Committee.

Frank Kaftan, WBMI awards scholarshipScholarships presented to new freshmen include:


Thomas Berenz Scholarship: Matthew Melsheimer, Hartford
Broan Nu-Tone Scholarship: Samantha Boyd, Hartford; Tony Pearson, Hartford; Joshua Swigert, Hartford
Mr.& Mrs. James R. Brown Arts Scholarship: Allison Thill, Fredonia
Paul Brownlee Scholarship: Sarah Uhren, West Bend
Joseph & Rose Butschlick Memorial Scholarship:Erin Sette, Kewaskum
Darwin Dorn Scholarship:Tommy Hess, Slinger
H.O.P.E. New Freshman Scholarship: Ashley Fena, Grafton; Erin Richards, West Bend; Samuel Soens, Hartland; Sydney Trupp, Richfield; Tyalor Trupp, Richfield; Koy Walsh, Campbellsport
Elmore & Alyce Kraemer Scholarship: Nicholas Shininger, Hartland; Alejandro Solano, Slinger; Greta Strasser, West Bend; Marissa Zarda, Allenton
Reuben Schmahl Scholarship: Rebekah House, Hartford; Dakota Mueller, West Bend
Washington County Campus Foundation Scholarship: Adam Beine, Slinger; Andrea Day, Hartford; Veda Inchaurregui, Allenton; Bailee Ramon, West Bend
West Bend Noon Rotary Scholarship: Lisa Flynn, West Bend
West Bend Mutual Insurance Company Scholarship: Madelyn Gruenke, West Bend; Bradley Hamm, Kewaskum
Matt Zillig Global Citizenship Scholarship: Jaymee Dhein, Richfield; Noah Hardy, Richfield

Scholarship awards presented to returning students include:

American Association of University Women: Christy McAlpine, Hartford
Peter Ayer Scholarship: Kathryn Flynn, West Bend
Barbara’s Scholarship: Linnea Grogan, Kewaskum
Mr.& Mrs. James R. Brown Arts Scholarship: Ana Komro, West Bend
Kirk D. Currie Memorial Journalism Scholarship: Tiffany Dubey, Hartford
Farmington Scholarship: Austin Sackett, West Bend
First National Bank of Hartford: Max Read, Campbellsport
Hoberg Scholarship: Amber Wolfgram, West Bend
H.O.P.E. Scholarship: Jacob Keller, Kewaskum; Ezekiel Malchow, Jackson; Sarah Nagel, Slinger; Thomas Nelson, Hubertus; Miles Perkins, Milwaukee; Olivia Roberts, West Bend; Cheyenne Rodman, Cedarburg; Katelyn Van Raden, Mayville
Joseph Huber Honor’s Scholarship: Tiffany Dubey, Hartford
Jaycees Scholarship: Morgan Verchart, Jackson
Elmore & Alyce Kraemer Pre-Engineering Scholarship: Brandon Lampi, Hartford
Elmore & Alyce Kraemer Scholarship: Samantha Brandt, Cedarburg; Alyssa Schmeling, West Bend; Megan Swope, West Bend
Linda Lindquist New Beginnings Scholarship: Kate Roedl, West Bend
Matthew J. Martin Memorial Scholarship: Jack Koskinen, Thiensville
Musical Masquers Scholarship: Abigail Schulz, Iron Ridge
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship: Kathryn Flynn, West Bend
Pre-Engineering Scholarship: Dante Aldaco Dominguez, West Bend
Madalyn Rodney Memorial Scholarship: Kathryn Flynn, West Bend
Rolfs Educational Foundation Scholarship: Tiffany Dubey, Hartford; Whitney Harmon, West Bend; Marissa Kaul, Rubicon
Wallace & Marion Scheunemann Scholarship: Dante Aldaco Dominguez, West Bend
Shine on Emily Scholarship: Nicholas Nimtz, Cedarburg
Wayland & Darlene Tessar Scholarship: Joyce Mendoza, Kewaskum
The Thomas Family Scholarship: Ashley Courtemanche, Hubertus
Washington County Campus Foundation Scholarship: Alexander Bruni, West Bend; Benjamin Spicer, Cedarburg; Rachel Uhren, West Bend
West Bend Mutual Insurance Company Scholarship: Colton Dreher, West Bend; Linnea Grogan, Kewaskum
West Bend Noon Rotary Scholarship: Morgan Wren, West Bend
Amber Wilde Scholarship: Kyle Hogen, Neosho
Yogi Memorial Scholarship: Ana Komro, West Bend

Scholarships to transferring students included:

Hubbell scholarshipPaul Bales Memorial Scholarship: Aaron Rathke, Fredonia
Thomas J. Brigham Scholar Athlete Scholarship: Amber Herbst, West Bend
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Brown Arts Scholarship: Jacqueline Janik, Fredonia
Judith A. Clark Memorial Scholarship: Laxmi Bhattarai, West Bend
Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship: Jordan Cernicka, Men. Falls; Alexis Lindner, Richfield; Gabe Verfuerth, Port Washington; Cassandra Wetor, West Bend
Lindo & Anna Diamanti Memorial Scholarship: Ryan Hanrahan, West Bend
Howard H. Evans Memorial Scholarship: Hannah Young, Hartford
First National Bank of Hartford: Amor Saljic, West Bend
Glacier Hills Credit Union Scholarship: Morissa Young, Horicon
Jan Hubbell Memorial Scholarship: Tiffany Rynes, West Bend
Joseph Huber Honor’s Scholarship: Holly Hamm, Fredonia
Kathleen & David Loomans Education Scholarship: Faith Schmidt, West Bend
Phyllis R. Malzahn Scholarship: Rebecca Rynes, West Bend
Kennth G. Marsden Scholarship: Mary Greuel, West Bend; Rachel House, Hartford
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship: Vanessa Sawatzke, West Bend
Pre-Engineering Scholarship: Emory Salberg, West Bend; Arber Shehu, Hartford
Dr. Sami Saad Memorial Scholarship: Evan Rathke, Fredonia
Norman A. Schowalter Scholarship: Mark Shininger, Fredonia
Harry & Lucille Sheski Scholarship: Sarah Burger, Grafton
UW-WC Friends & Alumni Scholarship: Josh Breuer, West Bend; Rachel Luedtke, Kewaskum

Other members of the Scholarship committee include: Dr. Deepak Basal, Fatima Guled, Frederick B. Kaftan, Dr. Larry Gomes and Dr. Mark Peterson.

As a campus of the UW Colleges, UW-Washington County provides an affordable access for the first two years of a quality University of Wisconsin degree. In addition to the lowest tuition in the UW System and strong local scholarship support, the campus also offers internship programs within the community, allowing students to earn valuable work experience while completing their studies. 


Sue Bausch, Regional Director of Communications