New Textbook Rental Program Saves Money for UW-WC Students

Over $19,000 in Savings this Semester

UW-Washington County students saved substantial dollars renting their textbooks at the UW-WC Bookstore this semester. Students who rented their textbooks for the spring semester saved a total of $19,500 over the cost of purchasing the same textbooks. 

 “The savings adds up quickly for students,” explains Christine Wenzel, bookstore manager. “Renting a textbook can save students 50% compared to purchasing a book. The rental program was implemented in the fall and has become very popular. This semester, the UW-WC bookstore rented over 1,200 textbooks and saved students an average of 35% on each of those books.”

With the high cost of college, students are looking for ways to save money. That’s why the textbook rental program has been so popular this year. Each student that rented their textbooks at UW-WC Bookstore saw their total savings printed at the bottom of their receipt. Often times, the amount a student saved by renting their textbooks would be more that the total cost on their bill.

“Students have so many options for renting their textbooks online, it’s great to know that the convenience of having a bookstore on campus offers students real savings,” Wenzel explains. “Plus, there’s the added benefit of a student being able to pick out their own books and not wait for delivery hoping the correct book will arrive on time and in good condition.”

The UW-Washington County Bookstore is part of the Neebo network, a nation -wide network of college bookstores that provides a complete selection of new, used, and rental textbooks, as well as college-branded gear and accessories. Founded nearly 100 years ago with a bookstore near the University of Nebraska Lincoln campus, Neebo pioneered used textbook distribution and expanded to campuses nationwide. The Neebo network now includes nearly 300 stores and serves millions of students.

Washington County is located at 400 University Drive in West Bend. For admission information, visit the campus website at or phone Student Affairs at 262-335-5201.


Sue Bausch