Neoliberalism and How We Got Trumped

Free admission to timely topic on February 8
By UW-Washington County

Dr. Tait SzaboNeoliberalism and How We Got Trumped is the topic for UW-Washington County’s monthly forum on Wednesday, February 8. Dr. Tait Szabo, Associate Professor of Philosophy at UW-WC will present this timely topic at 3:30pm in the library lounge. While we’ve all heard of liberals and conservatives, what distinguishes liberalism from neoliberalism? Did neoliberalism play a part in the rise of Donald Trump? Dr. Szabo believes that neoliberalism “explains one way to understand various, and superficially unrelated components of our political economic environment as part of a coherent whole. Understanding the big picture, is important, if not essential for our ability to address it critically,” according to Szabo.” “Critical evaluation of the assumptions of neoliberalism is necessary for our ability to critique and practically address the institutions, policies and proponents of neoliberalism,” he stated.

Szabo’s talk is featured as February’s “Scholar Sip” monthly community forum that offers interesting conversation and great coffee as its two main components.  Scheduled on the second Wednesday of each month, the forums feature campus as well as guest scholars who discuss research interests, recent or upcoming publications, pet projects or simply a topic of general interest. No reservations are needed, admission is free and everyone is welcome to the 3:30pm-4:30pm informal forum, held in the library lounge (on 2nd floor).



Sue Bausch, Regional Director of Communications