Commencement-Scholarships Awarded

Commencement Ceremony is May 22
By UW-Washington County

UW-Washington County (UW-WC) will award over $72,000 in scholarships to transferring students at the Commencement Ceremony as well as nine Departmental Awards.

The ceremony begins at 7pm with a bagpiper led processional into the gymnasium. The ceremony also includes a color guard, and  Moriah Michalak, a music major at UW-WC, will sing  the National Anthem. The musical prelude will be provided by Dr. Daniel Ackley’s saxophone ensemble.

Scholarships are awarded to students who have completed their first two years of college studies at UW-WC and are now transferring to other institutions to complete their education, as well as students who are completing a bachelor degree through one of the collaborative programs offered at the campus.

UW-WC students receiving scholarships at Thursday’s ceremony include:

Scholarship                                                    Amount    Recipient                              Residence

Paul Bales Memorial                                        $   500      James Galow                        West Bend

BMO Harris Bank                                              $1,250       Ashley Plier                           Port Washington                      

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Brown Scholarship       $2,000       Darryl Vogelmann                  Campbellsport

Judith Clark Memorial Scholarship                    $   300      Megan Radowski                   Milwaukee

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship           $2,500       Sarah Aeschliman                  Milwaukee

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship           $2,500       Hailie Migdal                         Hartford

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship           $2,500       Shiane Migdal                       Hartford

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship           $2,500       April Wagner                         Slinger

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship           $5,000       Stephanie Gamm                   Germantown

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship           $5,000       Amanda Kirnberger                Hartford

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship           $5,000       Catharine Krieps                    West Bend

Curtis A. & Adele S. Collins Scholarship           $5,000       Michele Wilkes                      Theresa

Lindo & Anna Diamanti Memorial                      $1,000       Brian Fehring                         West Bend

Howard Evans Memorial Scholarship                $   250      Elizabeth Hintz                      Campbellsport

Glacier Hills Credit Union                                  $   500      Patrick McDonough               Port Washington
Joseph F. Huber Honors Scholarship               $   250      Taylor McCabe                      West Bend                   

Phyllis R. Malzahn Memorial                             $8,000       Katherine Johns                    Cedarburg

Kenneth G. Marsden                                        $7,000      Jade Bollig                           West Bend

Kenneth G. Marsden                                        $7,000      Jordan Loesl                         Slinger

Musical Masquers                                           $1,000      Zachary Janz                         Allenton

Phi Theta Kappa                                              $   300      Thomas Klein                        West Bend

Dr. Sami Saad Memorial Scholarship               $   600      Samantha Ortlieb                    West Bend

Norman A. Schowalter Memorial                       $5,500       Emily Bergeron                     Germantown

Harry and Lucille Sheski Memorial                   $4,000       Grace Beyer                          West Bend

UW-WC Friends & Alumni                                 $   400      Laura Kriewaldt                      Kewaskum

UW-WC Friends & Alumni                                 $   400      Zachary Loesl                      Slinger

West Bend Noon Rotary Club                                           $1,500                          Jacob Kovacevich                 Theresa



Departmental awards are given to one or more outstanding students in a particular discipline who have displayed keen insight, overall understanding and superior attitude. The nominations are received from each department’s faculty.  Departmental award recipients include:

  • Art – Lauren Winklbauer, West Bend
  • Business – Noah Perry, Menomonee Falls
  • Chemistry – Michael Chirillo, Hartford; Brigitte Laabs, Germantown; Jeanette Lapota,
    West Bend; April Stern, Kewaskum
  • Computer Science – Walter Woods, West Bend
  • English – Rebecca Rieder, Germantown
  • Music – Zachariah Dietenberger, Hartford

An additional $77,000 in scholarships was awarded to new freshman and continuing
UW-WC students at the Scholarship Awards Ceremony, on Tuesday, May 20 The substantial scholarship opportunities at UW-Washington County reflect the tremendous community support of local residents, civic groups and area businesses. A guaranteed transfer program, the collaborative bachelor degree programs, internships, as well as sizeable scholarship opportunities with other area universities have significantly increased the opportunities for students who begin their college studies at the West Bend campus.


Sue Bausch