Theatre on the Hill

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Washington County's 285 seat theatre offers students as well as the community, the opportunity to participate in or just enjoy theatrical productions, musical performances, attend lectures or special community events.

Theatre on the Hill is in constant use throughout the year. In addition to UW-WC's theatre department, the Continuing Education Department provides youth theatre opportunities,and Musical Masquers, a resident community theatre group, also stages several productions each year.

Auditions will be held in the University Theater on Tuesday, November 28 at 6:00 p.m.   Arrive early to complete paperwork.  (6) Actors are needed. UW-WC students are strongly encouraged to audition. The first reading will be held in the theater Thursday, November 30. Regular rehearsals start in January.


Spring 2018 Theatre Production

Comedy of CouplesA Comedy of Couples, written and directed by Rick Ponzio, will be performed on March 8, 9, and 10, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. in the campus theatre.

Three couples are celebrating while waiting for the priest to come marry them. By morning, there is still no wedding. The Dottore’s boat is leaving soon to the New World. Pantalone sets out with Francischino, his servant, to find out what happened. An earthquake leaves Leandro with amnesia, thinking he is his childhood fantasy character, Capitano di Pimento and doesn’t recognize Beatrice, his bride to be. Pantalone is kidnapped by Pantalucci, Pantalone’s evil, twin brother whom everyone thought was dead. Pantalucci’s out for revenge because the Dottore rejected him for his brother in their youth. Chaos ensues with hypnotism, slapstick, stage fights, repartee, and a showdown on Mt.Vesuvius as it is erupting.

Auditions: will be held in the University Theater on Tuesday, November 28. (6) Actors are needed. UWWC students are strongly encouraged to audition. First reading will be held in the theater Thursday, November 30. Regular rehearsals begin in January.
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Earn College Credit

If you’re interested in theatre as a major, an extracurricular experience or just for the fun of it, you are invited to get involved! Communications 131 (Theatre Laboratory) includes acting, technical production and theatre management (sign up for one or more sections).

Contact Information

For more information on UW-WC theatrical productions, contact Communication & Theatre Arts Professor, Rick Ponzio   Students can earn college credit for participation on stage or in theater production or management.