Jerry Roherty

Jerry Roherty


Rm 281

I began teaching in the Psychology Department at UW-Washington County on a part-time basis in January of 2003. At about the same time I was also teaching an Adolescent Psychology class at UW-Oshkosh. Prior to that I had taught or team-taught a few courses at Marquette University while completing my doctorate in Counseling Psychology ('00). I have always enjoyed & felt at home around higher education as a student or teacher. I began my college years at the UW-Wood County in Marshfield, and tend to feel a deeper connection to students beginning their studies at a two-year school. I especially value the relationships I have established with my students over the years at UW-WC, and enjoy challenging them to grow as people. The positive feedback I have received from students has kept me motivated to remain authentic, and work hard during each lecture of every semester. 

I have enjoyed living in the West Bend area since 2001. In 2004, I established my own mental health practice in the West Bend area (Answers in Behavioral & Counseling Psychology, LLC). I have been working there as a Counseling Psychologist on a full-time basis, while teaching part-time at UW-WC. At Answers, I treat a variety of people experiencing mental health problems, and I have found that my teaching and counseling positions complement each other exceptionally well. I work hard to remove the stigma of seeking help for emotional & mental health problems at both of my jobs.


B.A., University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
M.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Ph.D., Marquette University-Milwaukee