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2018 Soccer Season

Wisconsin Collegiate All-Conference Soccer Team

J. Blaski
               Jack Blaski

This season, the UWM at Washington County Soccer Team had 5 Wildcat players named to the WCC All Conference teams. Jack Blaski earned First-Team All-Conference honors. Jack played Center Back this season and led our defense as one of our team captains. He finished the season with one goal and two assists.


All Conference - soccer
L to R: Brody Jossart Zach Ross, Tommy Hess, Matt Schuppie

Brody Jossart, Zach Ross, Tommy Hess  and Matt Schuppie each earned Second-Team All-Conference honors. Tommy was the Wildcat’s goalkeeper this season and played exceptionally well. By the end of the season, nobody would have guessed that this was his first year playing soccer. He finished the season with 35 saves and had a save percentage of 75%. Brody played midfield and forward this season and was our other team captain. He finished the season with one goal. Zach played the Center Midfield position for us this season and was instrumental in helping our team control the ball and move it up the pitch. Matt was one of our strikers and finished the season with two goals and one assist.

October 6 vs Fox Valley

UWM at Washington County hosted WCC conference foe, UW- Oshkosh at Fox Valley on Wednesday October 6th. The Wildcats got on the scoreboard first with a goal by Matt Schuppie. The goal was scored off of a pass from Tim Jordan. Late in the first half, Fox valley managed to score as well, making it 1-1 at halftime. Late in the second half, Fox valley managed to score two quick goals. The final score was 1-3. The Wildcat's goalkeeper, Tommy Hess, had 10 saves. Their next match will be their first round Wisconsin Collegiate Conference playoff match at home against UW-Whitewater at Rock County on Saturday, October 13 at 1pm.

September 29 vs Rock

The Wildcats hosted UW Rock County on Saturday, September 29. They were the first on the board when Matt Shuppie scored off an assist by Jack Blaski. The first half ended 1-0. In the second half, a shot by Brody Jossart found the back of the net, once again, assisted by Jack Blaski. Late in the game, Rock managed to score off a free kick. The final score was 2-1. Goalkeeper Tommy Hess had 8 saves. This is the Wildcats first conference win this season.

September 26 vs Fond du Lac

The Wildcats traveled to UW-Oshkosh at Fond du Lac for a non-conference friendly match on Wednesday, Sep 26th. The opening goal was scored by Zach Ross after he stole the ball from one of the opposing defenders. UW Fon du Lac answered with 3 quick goals right before halftime. In the second half, The Wildcats started a comeback with a goal by Jack Blaski off of a pass from Ryan McCarthy. Fond du Lac scored again shortly thereafter making the score 2-4. After a foul in the box, Brody Jossart scored a penalty kick, bringing the game within 1 goal. Late in the game, Fon du Lac was also awarded a penalty kick. The final score was 3-5. The Wildcats next match is Saturday, September 29th when they host UW-Whitewater at Rock County at noon. 

September 20 vs Carthage

The Wildcats traveled down to Kenosha Thursday night for a friendly against Carthage College. The Wildcats played exceptionally well against an NCAA division III team. The final score was 0-6. Goalkeeper Tommy Hess had 7 saves before he left with a back injury. Brody Jossart had 3 saves and Wender Prada had 4 saves. Their next match is on Wednesday Sept 26 when they travel up to Fon Du Lac for a non-conference game.

September 15 vs Marathon

The UWM at Washington County soccer team traveled Up North this past weekend to Wausau where they played against Marathon County. Both teams were down a player and had no substitutions for the duration of the game. The Wildcats had a rough start, allowing a goal in the first few minutes. Then, things took a turn for the worst as one of our players went down with an injury. Despite being down an extra man, they fought hard and managed to tie the game with a goal from Jack Blaski. The remainder of the game was back-and-forth, with both teams generating several scoring chances. In the closing minutes of the game, Marathon County managed to score the game winner. Despite losing 2-1, goalkeeper Tommy Hess played a good game, making 10 saves. Their next match is Thursday, Sept 20 when the Wildcats travel to Carthage College.

September 12  vs Fond du Lac

UWM - Washington County opened up their Wisconsin Collegiate Conference play this season with a home game against Fond du Lac. It was a rough start for the Wildcats as they trailed 5-0 at halftime. After shaking off the first-game jitters, they played a much better second half. Despite giving up one more goal, the Wildcats managed to get one themselves. The final score was 1-6. Matt Schuppie scored the only goal off an assist from Ryan McCartny. Goalkeeper Tommy Hess had 13 saves. Their next match is on Saturday, September 15 at Marathon in Wausau, WI.


2017 WCC All-Conference Team

All Conference

L to R: Conrad Schmidt and Jaden Salinas

This season, the UW Washington County soccer team had two players selected to the all-conference team. Jaden Salinas and Conrad Schmidt were both awarded 2nd Team All-Conference honors. This was Jaden’s first season for the Wildcats and he played center fullback. This was Conrad’s second season and he played central midfield. Due to a small roster, both players stayed on the field without a substitution all season. They both played key positions and were team leaders on the pitch.

2017 Soccer Season


First Row L to R: Parker Semerad, Matt Shuppie, Lucian Lucas, Michael Anderson, Brody Jossart, Jaden Salinas, Corey Donovan
Second Row L to R: Coach Bury, Abijah Allsop, Conrad Schmidt, Phil Bledsoe, Tyler Feldner, Thomas Rodgers, Jordan Buchacher
Not pictured: Jakob Hrica

Oct.  11 - UW-Waukesha  0 - 5

The UWM at Washington County soccer team finished the regular Wisconsin Collegiate Conference season play Wednesday night against UW Waukesha. The final score was 0-5. Corey Donovan had 20 saves in goal. The Wildcats first playoff game will be on Saturday, October 14 at 1p.m. away against UW-Waukesha. 

Oct. 4 - Silver Lake 0 -10

The UWM at Washington County soccer team traveled to Manitowoc Wednesday night to face off against Silver Lake College. The final score was 0-10. Corey Donovan had 15 saves in goal. Their next match is Saturday, October 7th at the university against the UWM at Washington County Alumni for a 1:00 start time.

Sept. 29 - UW- Rock  0 - 3

The UWM at Washington County soccer team faced off against conference foe UW Rock County on Friday, Sept 29th. The Wildcats lost 0-3. Corey Donovan had 15 saves in goal. Their next match is on Wednesday, Oct 4th and they will be traveling to Manitowoc to face off against Silver Lake College. The Wildcats next home game is Saturday, October 7th when they will be hosting the UW-WC Alumni.  


Sept. 23 - UW-Baraboo   1 - 0

UW-Baraboo forfeited their soccer game giving UWM at Washington County a 1- 0 win

Sept. 20 - UW-Fox Valley   0 - 16

The UW Washington County soccer team lost to UW Fox Valley on Wednesday, Sept 20. The final score was 0-16. Michael Anderson had 7 saves in the first half and Corey Donovan had 5 saves in the second.

Sept. 16  UW - Marathon   2 - 6

The UWM at Washington County soccer team suffered a 2-6 lost to conference foe UW Marathon County. The team performed admirably considering they took the field with only 9 players. Due to a lack of substitutes on both sides, teams agreed to play four 22-minute quarters to allow the players to get water. After the third quarter, two UWM at Washington County players were injured. In an act of true sportsmanship, UW Marathon took several of their players off the field to make the teams even. While playing in goal, Michael Anderson had 13 saves on 18 shots. Lucian Lucas had 2 saves on 3 shots. Bot

h goals for UWM at Washington County were scored by Phil Bledsoe and assisted by Michael Anderson. The Wildcats next match is Wednesday, Sept 20th at UW Fox Valley.

Sept. 13  UW - Fond du Lac   0 - 3

The Wildcats opened up conference play at UW Fon Du Lac Wednesday evening. They suffered a 0-3 defeat. Michael Anderson had 12 saves on 15 shots. The team performed very well considering they had only 11 players, all of whom played the entire match. They also had to play shorthanded for several minutes due to player injuries. Their next game will be on Saturday, September 16th as they play host to UW Marathon at noon.




2016 Soccer Team

Photo of the 2016 UWM at Washington County soccer team

First Row (LtoR): Eddie Borda, Jordan Buchacher, Lajlim Lor, Josh Marks, Abijah Allsop, Jack Blaski, Tyler Keller

Second Row: Coach Miller, William Campbell, Lucian Follett, Joshua Breuer, Tanner Bury, Peter Bailey, Jordan Jewell, Asst Coach Bury

Third Row: Conrad Schmidt, Alex Knueppel, Matt Sutrick, James Klotz, Jeremy Ehley, Joe Miller, Samantha Brandt

Oct. 12th

UWM at Washington County’s soccer team played its final match of the season on Wed, Oct 12. The final result was a 2-4 loss to UW Waukesha. The first goal was scored by Eddie Borda and assisted by Jack Blaski. The second goal was scored by Jordan Jewell and assisted by Alex Knueppel. Josh Marks had 14 saves. The loss eliminates them from the state playoffs. The team would like to thank all of its fans for coming out to watch the games this year. Coach Jim Miller and I would like to thank the players for such a great season. 

Oct. 8th 

UWM at Washington County’s soccer team faced off against UW Fon du Lac in the first round of the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference state playoffs on Saturday, Oct 8th. The Wildcats managed a 2-0 victory. Goals were scored by Conrad Schmidt and Abijah Allsop. James Klotz had the game’s only assist. Josh Marks had 9 saves in goal. This victory moves UWM at Washington County into the semi finals against UW Waukesha. That match will be played on Wednesday, Oct 12th.

Oct. 3rd 

The UWM at Washington County soccer team lost to Silver Lake College on Monday Oct. 3. The final score was 1-5. Jordan Jewell scored the only goal off of an assist by Alex Knueppel. Josh Marks had 12 saves in goal. 

Sept. 28th

The UWM at Washington County soccer team suffered a tough loss at the hands of UW Waukesha on Wednesday Sep 28. The final score was 3-4. Jack Blaski scored 2 goals and had 1 assist. Alex Knueppel had one goal and one assist. Josh Marks had 5 saves. This game concludes UWWC’s conference play for the season. Now they patiently wait for the other teams to finish so that playoff standings can be determined. Their next game is Saturday, Oct 1 versus the UWWC Alumni at 1pm.

Sept. 26th

The UWM at Washington County soccer team scored a large victory over conference opponent UW Sheboygan. The final score was 5-0. Jordan Jewell scored three goals and Conrad Schmidt and Samantha Brandt scored the other two. Alex Knueppel assisted three of the goals and Abijah Allsop assisted another. Josh Marks had 5 saves in the game and registered a clean sheet for the shut out. The team’s next match is at UW Waukesha on Wednesday, September 28 and is the final conference game of the season. 

Sept. 24th 

After trailing 2-1 at halftime, the UWM at Washington Countysoccer team managed to make a 2nd half comeback against UW Baraboo. The final score was 5-3. Peter Bailey had the first goal and Abijah Allsop and Alex Knueppel had 2 goals each. Two assists came from Jordan Buchacher. Alex Knueppel and Jack Blaski also had one assist each. Josh Marks had 8 saves. Their next match will be on Monday, Sep 26 at UW Sheboygan. 

Sept. 21st

UWM at Washington County suffered their first conference loss at the hands of UW Fox Valley on Wednesday, Sep 21. Despite a valiant 2nd half comeback, the final score was 2-4. The first goal was scored on a penalty kick by Jack Blaski. The second goal was scored by Jordan Jewell off an assist from Jack Blaski. Josh Marks had 6 saves. The team will try to rebound against conference foe UW Baraboo on Saturday, Sep 24.

Sept. 19th

The UWM at Washington County soccer team faced off against non-conference UW Richland on Monday, Sept 19. The final result was a 4-0 victory. The four goals were scored by Jordan Buchacher, Jack Blaski, Abijah Allsop and Peter Bailey. Alex Knueppel and James Klotz both had 2 assists. Goalkeeper, Josh Marks, had 7 saves. Their next game will be on Wednesday, Sep 21 at home against UW Fox Valley.

Sept. 17th 

The UWM at Washington County soccer team scored a decisive victory against conference foe UW-Marathon. The final score was 6-1. Jordan Buchacher scored 3 goals, Jordan Jewell scored 2 goals and Conrad Schmidt scored the last goal. Assists were provided by Josh Breuer, Alex Knueppel, Abijah Allsop, Conrad Schmidt and Lajlim Lor. Josh Marks had 8 saves in goal. 

Sept. 14th

The UWM at Washington County soccer team faced conference rival UW Fond Du Lac on September 14. The match resulted in a 2-2 draw. The Wildcats were able to overcome a 1-0 deficit at halftime, scoring twice in the second half. The first goal was scored by Abijah Allsop of a cross sent in by Alex Knueppel. The second goal was an Own Goal by the Fond Du Lac defense off of a ball played in by Jack Blaski. Late in the second half, Fond Du Lac managed to tie it up. Two 10-minute overtime periods were unable to produce a winner. Josh Marks had 13 saves in goal.  

Sept. 12th 

The UWM at Washington County soccer team opened conference play against UW Rock County and scored a 2-1 victory. The first goal was scored by Jack Blaski and assisted by Josh Breuer. The second goal was scored by Abijah Allsop and assisted by Joe Miller. The goalkeeper, Josh Marks, had 12 saves.

2015 Soccer Team


2015 Soccer Team UWM at Washington County

First Row: Mitch Bury

Second Row (LtoR): XXXXX, Lexi Hagen, XXXXX, Tyler Keller, Spencer Semerad, Tswvyim Lor
Third Row: Carlos Pavon, Tanner Bury, Junior Beltran, Nathan Bohonek, Eddie Borda, Coach Miller
Fourth Row: Alex Knueppel, Greg Fehring, Josh Marks, Jeremy Ehley, Joe Miller

2014 Soccer Team
WCC Conference Champs & WCC State Runner Up


Row 1: Coach Jim Miller, Lajlim Lor, Geoff Radtke, Eddie Borda, Mitch Bury, Carlos Pavon, Tyler Keller, Tswvyim Lor
Row 2: Robinson Olsen, Josh Dotzler, Elvis Manjusak, Greg Fehring, Christian Kern, Josh Marks, Collin Gadaire, Joel Hoerchner, Charlie Breit, Joe Miller
Missing: Sean Sprtel, Sheehan Siegman

2014 WCC All Conference Soccer Players

UWM at Washington County all conference soccer players 2014

L to R: Tswvyim (Chewy) Lor, Mitch Bury, Sean Sprtel, Charlie Breit 
Missing: Robinson Olsen

2013 Soccer Team

2013 soccer team


2013 WCC All Conference Honors

2013 soccer all conference players

Michael DeLeon, Jr. - 2nd Team, Sean Sprtel - 1st Team, Derek Svien - 2nd Team, Charlie Breit - 1st Team, Missing - Alex Bello - 2nd Team

2012 Soccer Team

2012 Soccer team

Row 1 (L-R): Jim Miller (Coach), Kaitlin Harmon, Sammi Stevens, Melissa Carlson, Mike Deleon, Emmy Rostagno, Joe Leiphart, Kyle Gramoll, Dan Doyle, Jeremy Lutz
Row 2: (L-R): Kim Hess, Elvis Manjusak, Josh Hadjinian, Thomas Klahorst, Sean Sprtel, Leo Kret, Derek Svien, Caleb Jordan, Christian Kern

2012 WCC All Conference Honors

2012 all conference student honorees

L to R: Mike DeLeon Jr, Sean Sprtel, Derek Svien, Dan Doyle

2011 Soccer Team

soccer team 2011

Back L-R: Ben Miller, Tom Bailey, Thomas Klahorst, Evan Butz, Kim Hess, 
Travis Rogne, Salmontini, Coach Jim Miller

Front L-R: Mac Drengler, Caleb Olla, Ian Gadaire, Joe Leiphart, Jonny Garcia, 
Dan Doyle, Tyler Gramling, Not pictured: Codey Dorzok

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