Additional Fees

Student Responsibility

It is each student's responsibility to review the tuition policies. Late fees and withdrawal fees are assessed after the deadlines.

SUMMER 2015: See Tuition/Fee Information sheet

FALL 2015: See Tuition/Fee Information sheet

New Student Fees

Summer 2015: $70
Fall 2015: $100
(The above fees apply to all new freshmen as well as transfer students.)
Placement Testing Fee: $30

Course Fees

Compressed Video & Distance Education Fees

An additional $15 per credit applies to all courses delivered via compressed video or Wisline to reflect extraordinary costs to maintain distance education equipment and networks.

Audit Fees

The fee schedule for audit courses is approximately 30% of resident fees and 50% of non-resident fees. Wisconsin residents, age 60 and over, may audit courses at no charge. (Special course fees still apply.) If enrolled for both credit and audit courses, all credits will be assessed at the credit rate.  Fall semester 2013 audit fees are estimated to be $59 per credit for Wisconsin residents. 

Special Course Fees (subject to change)

Fall 2015

  • ART 111 (PRISM #2903) Two-Dimensional Design, $15
  • ART 154 (PRISM #2904), Introduction to Ceramics, $20
  • ART 161 (PRISM #3108), Introduction to Photography, $15
  • ART 187 (PRISM #2905),Survey Modern Art, $40 for fieldtrip
  • ART 231 (PRISM #2906), Intermediate Sculpture $20
  • ART 261 (PRISM #3111), Intermediate Photography, $15
  • EGR 201 (PRISM #3030), Statics, $45 special fee for point-to-point course delivery
  • EGR 203 (PRISM #3031), Dynamics, $45 special fee for point-to-point course delivery
  • HES 213 (PRISM #2971), First Aid & Emergency Medical Care, $27
  • SPA 101 (PRISM #2947) First Semester Spanish, $60
  • SPA 201 (PRISM #2956) Third Semester Spanish


For questions regarding payment of tuition and fees, stop in the Business Office during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm, or phone (262) 335-5205.