Honors Program

Honors courses are open to all students and no permission or pre-requisites are needed in order to enroll.

Students have the option of taking these classes as an honors course. The honors program is designed to provide high-achieving students with an exciting academic experience that challenges their unique abilities and prepares them well for future study. Students will find the classes in the program to be richly rewarding as well as excellent preparation for subsequent university work.

The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee at Washington County Honors program is unique in that a rotating set of two IS (interdisciplinary studies) courses form the basis for the program. Through enriched course content and a closer association with faculty and interaction with other honor students, you can broaden and enhance your college experience.

Course Information

Two Interdisciplinary studies courses form the basis for the program. The course code is INT 290 and the courses include:

1) Deviant Minds

This course approaches the concept of deviance from both sociological and psychological perspectives, focusing on the “deviant” (rule-breaking) categories of mental illness and criminal behavior. Offered in the spring semester.


  • Dr. Margaret Hamilton, Professor, Psychology Department
  • Dr. Sandi Brunette-Hill, Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology Department

2) When Cultures Collide

This course uses the methods of anthropology and history to examine the flashpoints of major cultural encounters where distant and different societies came into direct conflict. Offered in the fall semester.


  • Dr. Chris Hays, Associate Professor, Anthropology & Sociology Department
  • Dr. Kirk Tyvela, Assistant Professor, History Department

Eligibility Information

To be eligible for the Honors designation, students need:  

  • GPA of 3.0 or higher or permission of instructors
  • Write a term paper on a subject of your choosing

To learn more about the Honors program, contact Dr. Roger Peterson roger.peterson@uwc.edu

Honors Awards

UWM at Washington County students who successfully complete an honors course are entitled to the following:

  • Honors Course designation on transcript. 
  • A letter of recommendation (upon request) for future scholastic endeavors or work. This letter will be crafted by the student’s professors, edited by the dean, and issued from the dean’s office.
  • Recognition of the Honors cohort at Commencement. 
  • Eligibility to receive the Joseph F. Huber Scholarship in the amount of $250. Criteria will include course grade and faculty evaluations. The UWM at Washington County Honors Committee will make final determination.

Additional Opportunities:

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society