Academic Advising

Academic advising is a very important part of your college experience at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Washington County. Advisors are available to assist you in developing educational plans that are compatible with your life goals. Your academic advisor can help you:

  • Explore your academic and career goals.
  • Select classes that promote your progress toward your degree.
  • Choose classes that help you to explore your interests, identify your eventual major, or identify courses needed for a major already chosen.
  • Build a class schedule that balances your homework and class load.

The university offers a variety of advising services to assist students in meeting their academic, career, and/or personal needs.

New Freshmen

If you're a new freshmen, you will meet with an academic advisor from the Solution Center prior to the start of your first semester during an Advising/Registration Session. An individual advisor will then be assigned to you.

Transfer/Re-Entry Students

If you're a transfer or re-entry student, you will meet with an academic advisor from the Solution Center prior to the start of your first semester. You'll continue to work with an advisor throughout your time at UWM at Washington County.

Make an appointment

For your academic advising, prospective/new student appointment, and disability services questions, please schedule an appointment with your advisor by using AgileGrad. Advisors are assigned to students according to their last name. The Solution Center office is located to your immediate right when you use the front main entrance.

Elizabeth SchielkeElizabeth Schielke
Student Affairs Coordinator - Academic Advisor (A-F & T-Z)
Solution Center 



Denise LorgeDenise Lorge
Student Affairs Coordinator - Academic Advisor (G-I)
Solution Center 



Kirsten Brown Kirsten Brown
   Student Affairs Coordinator - Academic Advisor (J-S)
   Solution Center 




Learn more about how to set up an online appointment.