Office Directory

Dean's Office

As a civic, academic and administrative leader, the Regional Executive Officer/Dean’s primary responsibility is to provide academic and strategic leadership to the Southeast Region, and work collaboratively with faculty and staff members, and students to establish policies and practices that ensure regional and campus success. (The Southeast Region includes UW-Washington County as well as UW-Sheboygan and UW-Waukesha). The Regional Associate Dean acts as campus administrator and is responsible for overseeing daily internal operations of the campus. 

Dr. Jackie Joseph-Silverstein, Regional Executive Officer/Dean
Ann LaForce, Regional Executive Assistant

Terry Seil, Dean's Executive Assistant, UW-Washington County
(262) 335-5203

Academic Affairs

 Academic Affairs promotes and ensures academic quality in the UW Colleges and encourages the efficient use of resources to achieve that end. It does so through a variety of programs, ongoing activities, and special projects designed to achieve excellence in instruction, curriculum, and the academic environment.

Stephen Schmid, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (UW-Waukesha campus)


Business Office

As the financial hub of the campus, the Business office provides students with the ability to pay tuition and fees in person and to obtain information and counseling about payment options.  In addition the office provides payroll services, purchasing coordination, facility rental and management, as well as general office support. The office is also the primary contact for room reservations on campus and copying services. See Business Office page.

Dan Anhalt, Associate Campus Dean for Administration and Finance (UW-Sheboygan campus)

Gloria Wabanimkee

Campus Counseling Services

A professional counselor is available to provide free and confidential short-term mental health counseling services to currently enrolled UW-Washington County students. To schedule an appointment, you can email Michelle Appel, or set up an appointment using the online scheduling tool:  AgileGrad.  Appointments are generally available Monday–Friday 9am-4pm.  Campus Counseling Services page

Continuing Education

The Continuing Education office provides credit and noncredit academic, professional development and training programs, and summer camps. See Continuing Education page.

Renee Altendorf
(262) 335-5259


The library provides a physical and virtual collection of resources to support students, faculty and community members in their research pursuits. Through personalized and classroom instruction, librarians offer training in finding, evaluating and synthesizing information for specific research questions.  The library also serves as a comfortable, quiet environment supportive of individual and group study. See Library page.

Lee Wagner (effective 1-13-15)
(262) 335-5214


The Communications office leads, directs and implements communication strategies at the local and regional level. Other services include: public relations, internal and external communications, community relations, news media relations, digital communications and social media initiatives, publication services, crisis management, and public inquiries.

Sue Bausch, Regional Director of Communications
(262) 335-5233

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Office provides comprehensive assistance to prospective and current students in the areas of admission, financial aid, advising, orientation, placement testing, disability services, tutoring services and student activities.

Advisors are available to help students learn about degree options, majors, academic requirements, and the process of transferring. Help is also available in assessing career goals, planning a return to school, adjusting to academic life, or other areas of concern relevant to beginning or returning to college. See Student Affairs page.

Courtney Trice, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Campus Administrator, UW-Washington County
(262) 335-5211