Campus Parking & Maps

Campus Maps

Campus Parking

The campus has one large student parking lot (located to your immediate right as you enter the campus drive) and two visitor parking lots (at top of campus drive). Parking restrictions are in effect during fall and spring semesters, including final exams). Permits are not required during winter break or summer session.

Free parking is available on University Drive. Please note that parking on city streets is under the jurisdiction of the West Bend Police Department.

Student Parking Permits

Student parking permits are required for the lower student lot. The cost is $25 per semester (non-refundable). To obtain a student parking permit, please visit the Student Affairs office during normal hours. 
The permit is hung from the rear view mirror. Vehicles parked in areas that are not marked or without a tag are subject to a fine by the West Bend Police Department.
See the pdf files (below) for complete parking rules/regulations and parking fine appeal form.

 How to File an Appeal Form    Parking Rules & Regulations

Short-Term & Visitor Parking

Six visitor parking spaces are available in the upper lot (in front of the main campus entrance) for a maximum of one hour.  These spots are intended for short visits (not attending class) while attending to campus business. Time restrictions are enforced from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday – Friday.

For visits longer than one hour, visitors should stop in the Student Affairs office to obtain a parking pass. Other spaces in the upper lots are intended for faculty/staff and require a sticker. (Unauthorized vehicles are subject to a $25 fine.) 

Disabled Parking

Vehicles exhibiting a disabled license may park in any of the designated parking stalls, located in the upper parking lots. Entrance doors to the campus are equipped with automatic entry buttons and two elevators allow access to the second and third floors.

Questions? For unanswered questions about parking, please phone: 262-335-5200 or email: