Student Art Contest Winners

Top High School Awards

Note: A special awards ceremony takes place at NOON on Saturday, April 5 in the campus theatre. UW-WC Dean, Paul Price will award certificates and gifts to first, second, third and fourth place winners at the middle and high school levels. A PowerPoint presentation recognizing all student artists as well as photography contest winners will be  shown. Everyone is welcome.


Woman stick figure - mixed media

High School - Best in Show

Breanna Utz

Hartford Union HIgh School

First Place - Mixed Media












1959 yearbook page with images and text

Mixed Media - Second Place

Kiley Sabin

Slinger High School













three images of a man - fishing, with book, with axe

Mixed Media - Third Place


Tyson Diffor

West Bend East High School



  four panel -abstract drawing in black and white

 Black & White - First Place


Collin Murray

Homestead High School, Mequon

















black and white drawing of man playing saxophone by Allison Skubal

 Black & White - Second Place


Allison Skubal

Slinger High School











black white drawing - boy and horse

 Black & White - Third Place


Samuel Klug

Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School, Jackson






black and white drawing of girl with glasses and long hair by Cynthia Cruz

Black & White - Fourth Place


Cynthia Cruz

Kewaskum High School











elephant made of recycled parts

3D Media - First Place


Shannon Roscoe

Slinger High School






Pottery figure with spikes by Megan Churchill


3D Media - Second Place

Megan Churchill

Homestead High School, Mequon





stained glass of horse by Alisha Ullius

3D Media - Third Place

Alisha Ullius

Campbellsport High School










Owl pitcher and 2 side dishes by Brandon Fischer

3D Media - Fourth Place

Brandon Fischer

Kewaskum High School








pastel drawing of Asian girl by Amanda Albright

Single Media - First Place


Amanda Albright

Homestead High School, Mequon














girl seated and looking in distance by Tyson Diffor

Single Media - Second Place


Tyson Diffor

West Bend East High School












painting of young woman by Kelly Kasper

 Single Media - Third Place


Kelly Kasper

Homestead High School, Mequon











Pastel drawing of snoopy type dog by Kelly Kasper

Single Media - Fourth Place


Kelly Kasper

Homestead High School, Mequon






photo of girls face with cracked forehead by Alice Mallory

Photography - First Place


Alice Mallory

Campbellsport High School











four digital images of woman and words boom-ta-ra-by Emma Ponath

Photography - Second Place


Emma Ponath

West Bend East High School











black and white photo of weed covered in snow by Adley Kadukeck

Photography - Third Place


Adley Kadukeck

Living Word Lutheran High School, Jackson






photo of fungus on wood by Jill Schweiss

Photography - Fourth Place


Jill Schweiss

Menomonee Falls High School















Honorable Mention (Judges' Notice)

Black & White Media

  • Caleb Dykema, Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School, Jackson
  • Jordan Rittman, West Bend East High School
  • Rachel Sanborn, West Bend East High School

3D Media

  • Alicia Barnes, Port Washington High School
  • Jessanna Clark, Homestead High School
  • Jaimie Fromm, Port Washington HIgh School
  • Billie Gruber, Kewaskum High School
  • Alyssa Heberer, Kewaskum HIgh School
  • Catelynn  Olen, West Bend East High School

Single Media

  • Sadie Freimuth, Mayville High School
  • Lena Kovacevich, Mayville High School
  • Emma Ponath, West Bend East High School
  • Ben Peterson, Kewaskum High School
  • Kim Salter, West Bend High School
  • Matty Schaut, Homestead High School
  • Hannah Strachan, Slinger High School


  • Kyra Lasanske, Menomonee Falls High School