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How to Access Reserves

IMPORTANT: To access e-reserves, you must have Acrobat Reader (5.0 or higher) on your computer.   
Download Acrobat Reader software or go to

Finding Reserve Items in the Library Catalog

  1. On the UWWC's Library Catalog, click COURSE RESERVES.
  2. Click the arrow button icon for instructor or course name. Note: Courses are listed with the three letter campus designation. All UWWC courses start with WSH (we're at the bottom of the list).
  3. Click 'Search.'
  4. A list of titles will appear. Click on the title of the desired item.
  5. If you want to access the article online select the highlighted text after Linked Resource.
  6. This will bring up your article in Acrobat Reader and will prompt you for a password. Follow login instructions exactly. You must enter uwcx\ prior to entering network login and password. See example below.

login screenshot

Checking Out Print Reserve Items

For print items you will see a line titled Call Number. Present this call number with your UWWC ID at the circulation desk in to check out these items.

Viewing Electronic Reserve Items (E-Reserve)

NOTE: A paper copy of every e-reserve item is available for checkout at the circulation desk. 

First, find reserve items in the library catalog as detailed above.

  1. Not all reserve items are available electronically.  Only those with the "linked resources" field can be accessed online.
  2. Each class is given a different password.  There are multiple links, be sure you are choosing the right course.
  3. Some articles are long and are broken up into multiple parts.  In these cases make sure you retrieve all of the parts in order to make up the entire reserve reading.
  4. Enter your network login and password with uwcx\ according to login instructions.

Saving Electronic Reserve Items

If you want to save the article, right click on the link and choose save target as.  If you are saving the article at home choose your hard drive and if you are on campus use your z: drive.

E-Reserve Troubleshooting

  1. File size of many of the articles is VERY LARGE.  If you are using dial-up access from home please be aware that it may take an hour or longer to load a document.
  2. Please be patient when printing. Due to the large file sizes it may take a few minutes to print your article. Please do not submit your article to the printer more than once.
  3. Student printing on campus is limited to 25 pages or less. If your article is longer than 25 pages you need to print it in smaller sections.

Other questions or problems:

Please contact the UWWC Library at or (262) 335-5206.