Welcome to the Washington County Campus Foundation (WCCF) blog!

May 20, 2014
Students posing for picture

Each year, the WCCF awards over $150,000 to students at the University of Wisconsin – Washington County (UW-WC), donates funds to faculty and staff for professional development, and lends financial support for capital improvements on campus. Nearly 63 percent of UW-WC students rely on financial aid or scholarships to help with tuition expenses, and nearly half of UW-WC students are the first generation in their family to attend college. It’s an honor to help these students realize their educational goals.

Each week, look to our blog to hear these students’ stories. But you’ll also hear from me, Iva Thelen, WCCF Executive Director, our UW-WC faculty, staff, donors, alumni, board members and more. Our goal is to talk about the great things going on around our campus community, upcoming WCCF events, our student and faculty successes, plans for the future of the campus, and more.

Fish fry logo

There are a lot of wonderful things happening here on campus and with the WCCF, and we’re excited toshare the excitement. For example, did you know that the WCCF offers over 100 scholarships to students? Did you know that the campus is looking at plans for some exciting new capital improvements? Are you excited to find out (or even help choose) who may be participating in this year’s Fish Fry Frenzy?

UW-WC is a not just a campus community, but part of our larger community as well – one in which our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and donors play a vital role.We hope this blog will help make the connection to our community even stronger. We also hope that it may bring back some great memories for our alumni, inspire someone to take that leap and go back to school, encourage more visitors to explore our campus and events, help students become aware of scholarship opportunities, give our faculty a forum to share their experiences, and encourage us all to have a little fun.