Non Profit Tool Box Seminars:

Wednesday, May 13, from 10am-12noon:  Techniques to Effectively Measure Outcome Results

Presented by Katie Pritchard and Julie Whelan Capell, IMPACT Planning Council

This advanced outcomes workshop is intended for individuals who understand what outcomes are.  The focus of the workshop is to learn about different ways to measure outcomes and get examples of measures and tools that correlate to things participating agencies are trying to measure.  At the end of this session participants will have an opportunity to work with their agency teams on concepts presented.

Location:  Rooms 310 at UW–Washington County.  The United Way is sponsoring this workshop which means there will be no fee for you to attend.  

Wednesday, June 10, from 11:30am-1pm:  Brown Bag Session on Measurement

Facilitated by Katie Pritchard and Julie Whelan Capell, IMPACT Planning Council

Bring a brown bag lunch to this informal, peer-to-peer networking session and gain a better understanding of ways to measure outcome results.  Participants will work in small groups of two to three agencies per table to share their intended measures and discuss specifics measurement tools being used by each agencies.  Participants are asked to submit a copy of their measures in advance to IMPACT so the facilitators can use them as real world examples.

 Location:  Rooms 301 & 302 at UW–Washington County.  The United Way is sponsoring this Brown Bag session which means there will be no fee for you to attend.   You are encouraged to bring your lunch; beverages will be provided. 


Back to the Basics - DSLR Photography Course

You’ve recently purchased a DSLR and not getting the quality of images you wanted?  Or perhaps you’ve owned one for some time, but want to go beyond the automatic and program settings on the camera.  Perhaps you aren’t happy with the composition, the background relative to the subject.  Or, you don’t currently own a DSLR, and have been holding off you’re not sure of all those controls.  This course is designed to improve your photography by helping you understand the fundamentals of using the DSLR.  

1)      Intro – Understanding the basics

(Exposure Triangle = f/stops, shutter speeds, ISO, effect of different aperture settings on depth of field, manual versus fully automatic)

2)      Different types of light (side light, front light, back light, overcast vs sunny day)

3)      Visualizing the image (seeing the way the camera sees, lens perspective, background)

4)      Composing the image (lines, curves, angles, leading lines, motion, rule of thirds, placement, filling the frame or environmental, close-up, distant, balance, horizontal tilt, background)

5)      Break the rules (your desired end result, your creative style)

6)      Equipment Review (camera, lenses, extension tubes, telextenders)

7)      Digital workflow, JPG vs. RAW,  post-capture processing, color management


Dates: Mondays, April 27, May 4th, 11th, 18th

Time: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Tuition: $­­­­­39

Location: UW-WC

You will be encouraged to share images that you feel ‘didn’t work’, and learn what you might try next time.  Only need to bring a pen, notebook, and your enthusiasm for photography.  No photographic equipment is needed nor required.

 For more information on photography class, contact Renee Altendorf at 262-335-5259

To register click the link: Registration