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Character Design by Instructor Phil Neubauer

Intro to Creating and Animating 3-D Videogame Character (Ages 16+)

Price: $199

Do you love playing video games? Would you love to make serious money creating them? Our experienced instructor will teach you how to model and build your own character using the 3-D creation software Blender® Use Unity 5® to import your video game character and make your very own playable game so that you could one day join the league of big companies like EA, Sony, and Capcom! You will learn skills related to art, engineering, and game development; after the class, you will be able to access your character from home and confidently develop it into your own game system. (Must be at least 16 years old)

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Are you getting ready to retire?

NEW! A Working Professional’s Transition into Retirement

Price: $34 or 2/$29

Are you contemplating retirement? Are you retired and bored? Retirement is just as much an emotional, as it is a physical readjustment for lifelong career professionals. Our instructor is ready to pass along her 25-year wisdom about the physical, emotional, and psychological transitions that working professionals encounter after they retire. Mary has also written acclaimed books for women that counsel emotional peace, cultivating hobbies, and identity rediscovery for collectively fostering a healthy post-retirement. Registration fee includes a textbook.  

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Meet your DPI standards online!

Wisconsin Indians Today

This course is designed to inform you about the Wisconsin Indian tribes, their histories and sovereignty, and to place current and important Wisconsin tribal issues into cultural and historical context. This non-credit class meets certain DPI standards and requirements to satisfy ACT 31. This online, four-week course is perfect for busy schedules!

Price: $119

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