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Continuing Education Fall Class Catalog 

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Fall 2017 Catalog

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The ability to adapt, and keep an open mind to the ever-changing world that we live in has commendable value. The pursuit of this ability is best established by lifelong learning. Learning is a process that should never cease. It conditions us to grow continuously, and face the challenges that life throws our way with a brave face and prepared mind.

Don't forget about our Educational Travel opportunities as well! Grab your suitcase and climb aboard! 

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UW-Colleges and UW-Extension want to hear from you! Maybe it's about a class that opened doors, a community partner who inspired you, or a travel opportunity that opened your eyes. Whatever your UW-Colleges story, we want to hear about it because every story shared will strengthen UWCX programs all across Wisconsin! You can pick up a postcard to mail in your story at our Regional office on UW-Waukesha's campus, room A130, or you can submit your story online at

Customized Business Training

Are you ready to get down to business?? We are too! UW-Washington County's Continuing Education Department can customize your training to best fit your company's training needs.

Customized Business Solutions

 Here are a few a questions to consider before getting started:

  • Do you want the training to be on our campus or at your facility?
  • Are you looking for one day training or something that is ongoing?
  • Do you need the training to be in-person or are you looking for online classes?
  • Are there specific issues that you need addressed? (ex. Current situations, obstacles to overcome)
  • Are there changes within the organization that need to be addressed?
  • What is the specific goal that you want the training to obtain?
  • Do you need Continuing Education Units (CEUs) awarded?
  • How many employees to you anticipate in the training


Be sure to check out our Youth class offerings! Don't forget, all youth classes require the completion of a Youth Release Form

Seniors (62+)

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Gift Certificates

UW-Washington County Continuing Education offers gift certificates for purchase. These can be made out for any amount or specifically for a particular course. They make a great Christmas, anniversary or birthday gift.

Contact 262-335-5208 for details or to purchase a gift certificate.

I would like to support Continuing Education. Can I make a monetary donation?

Yes! All monetary donations are appreciated and go towards Continuing Education’s Program Fund. We rely on donations to help us provide quality programs for the community. You can easily add a donation in our online registration system during your checkout or call our main Regional office at 262-521-5208.


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