Non-Traditional Students Club

UW-WC Non-Traditional ClubNon Trads on Campus is an organization for non-traditional age students (22 or older) and for students who
have similar needs (families, work and life balance issues).

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Meetings are scheduled every Tuesday from Noon to 1pm in Room 148. 
New and prospective students are always welcome.

Discussion include financial commitments, college expectations, juggling family, school and work, etc!

GoalsNon-Trad Club Event Booth

  • Help you connect with UW-Washington County students who have similar issues and struggles to work out as you return to school.
  • Offer opportunities for you to build team and management skills for your portfolio.
  • Challenge you to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
  • Raise funds for scholarships for non-traditional age students.


Contact Chris Roland at (262) 335-5204 or e-mail