Distance Education & Proctoring

Proctoring Hours By Appointment Only

Contact: WSH-Proctoring@uwc.edu

Distance Education

The University of Wisconsin Colleges offer three types of distance learning delivery systems: WislineWeb, Wisline Video and Online.

WislineWeb uses an audio and computer link so that faculty and students can talk to each other and edit each other's documents in a real time classroom setting.

Wisline Video uses audio, computer links, and video connectivity so that faculty and students can not only converse but can also see each other in a real time classroom setting.

Online, or Web-based, teaching is not in real-time. Students and faculty interact with each other as members of a class, over the Internet using the D2L online platform. UW Colleges online courses hardly ever meet at a particular time or place although they are structured within an academic semester time frame.

Compressed Video Use Policy & Rental Information

Visit the UW Colleges Distance Education pagefor more information about using the CV facility at UW-Washington County.