Wildcat Days - Fall 2014

Willie the WildcatFun + Free Food*
- what's not to like?

Tuesday & Wednesday, September 2 -3

  • Welcome! Free Snack & Information - Main lobby, 9:00am - ?

Monday, September 8

  • Bingo, Courtyard, noon (win prizes!)

Tuesday, September 9

  • Student Clubs Day  & free ice cream, Courtyard, Noon
  • Sign up for a club or sport

Wednesday, September 10

  • S.T.E.M. Club meets, Room 228, Noon (everyone is welcome)

Thursday, September 11

  • Enjoy a free breakfast!  Theatre lobby, 9am-10:30am
  • Served by Dean Paul Price and Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Holly Bigelow

Sean Bott, mentalistSummer Wrap Up
Wednesday, September 17


Free lunch with Mentalist, Sean Bott, Courtyard, Noon - 1pm
Student Government (SGA) Elections, Theatre Lobby (10am-2pm)





Please note:
Courtyard events will be moved inside to Cafe Bistro if weather conditions warrant it.
*All free offerings are available while supplies last.