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Scholar Sip with Professor Molly Magestro
September 11, 2014

Almost 30 people crowded in the library lounge to learn more about Dr. Molly Magestro’s upcoming book, “Assault on the Small Screen.”  Judging by the numerous questions, this research really strikes a chord with people. What does it say about our society that traumatic stories of assault become storylines for entertainment? Does the way criminal dramas portray rape indicate a bias, ignorance...

The Death of Artemio Cruz book cover
September 2, 2014

Campus Book Discussion on The Death of Artemio Cruz by Carlos Fuentes

In conjunction with the campus lecture series on Mexico, the library will be hosting a 3 week book discussion.  Following his death in 2012, the New York Times called Fuentes “one of the most admired writers in the Spanish-speaking world.”  Although he never won, Fuentes was often named as a likely Nobel Prize in...

August 19, 2014

It’s common knowledge that the majority of American homes contain multiple televisions. Millions of people tune in to watch their favorite shows, among which, for quite a few of us, are police and legal dramas. These shows offer audiences the opportunity to participate in the search for justice for the victims of crimes, giving viewers a chance to solve a mystery or navigate the complexities...