"Wounded Platoon" at UW-WC on Thursday, April 7

Film and Discussion To End “Always Lost” Exhibit

On Thursday April 7 at 6pm, UW-Washington County (UW-WC) will present a free public screening of the film “Wounded Platoon” in Room 305.   The film involves a Frontline investigation of a single Fort Carson platoon of infantrymen during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  A discussion, led by History Professor, Dr. Kirk Tyvela, will follow the film. The event is a collaboration of Wisconsin Public Television and the Wisconsin Library Association’s Reel to Reel Project. “Wounded Platoon” documents how the platoon encounters 1,000 roadside bombs during the first year alone and takes the most casualties in their company. The film also includes footage of police interrogations involving allegations of the murders of unarmed Iraquis as well as how the servicemen were forever changed by the war.

Thursday, April 7 also marks the last day of the exhibit, “Always Lost: A Meditation on War”. The exhibit has been on display to the public since March 28 (weekdays from 10am to 8pm) in Room 334. The exhibit which originated at Western Nevada College features Pulitzer Prize winning combat photos, the names and faces of the American service members (over 5,000) who died serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as poetry, prose and war memorabilia.  The exhibit will next travel to UW-Marshfield and be on display at that campus in May.


Sue Bausch