What did you eat in Africa?

UW-WC Professor Toye Ekunsanmi authors book about homeland’s food

“What did you eat in Africa” was a question that Dr. Toye Ekunsanmi, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at UW-Washington County, has heard repeatedly since arriving in Wisconsin in 1997.  A native of Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria, in West Africa, Dr. Ekunsanmi said he found the questions about food often difficult to answer adequately.  

After accumulating recipes and photographs for the last few years, that question will no longer be a problem. Now, Dr. Ekunsanmi can simply refer to his new book, titled “Traditional Food and Food Traditions of West Africa” when asked about African food. Over 200 pages long, the book is complete with photographs and descriptions of West African food and drinks as well as the cultural practices associated with them.

Readers will gain insights into the preparations, festivals and taboos associated with the foods and drinks of West Africa. The unique procedures by which drinks are obtained are also highlighted.  As a biologist, Toye decided to include both the common and scientific names of the plants and animals used as food. Food materials, which often double as medicines, are also discussed. In addition, the extent of industrialization, traditional methods of preservation, as well the changes which have occurred in the types of food over time are clearly described.

Toye hopes that readers enjoy the book as well as appreciate its educational value.  The book is available for purchase on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1432761927


Sue Bausch