The University of Wisconsin-Washington County will recognize the accomplishments of 158 students at the annual commencement ceremony on Thursday evening, May 20.  Students who have completed or will be completing their degree requirements this spring and summer and last year will be recognized at the ceremony. Twenty-five students will receive a four-year bachelor degree and 133 students will receive their two-year associate degrees for the 2009-2010 academic year.

The collaborative bachelor degree program allows students to complete a 4-year degree from UW-Milwaukee and UW-Oshkosh, while attending classes in West Bend. Students earning a bachelor degree from UW-Milwaukee include:

Cedar Grove             Stephanie Huenink, Nursing

Jackson                                Crystal Burczyk, Nursing, Jeannine Weyker, Nursing

Kewaskum                           Lauren Tennies, Nursing

Hartford                                Amanda Barrett, Nursing, Gina Cappoferri, Nursing

Mayville                                 Jody Hammonds, Nursing

Menomonee Falls               Sarah Sturm, Nursing

Milwaukee                            Jenna Diehl, Nursing

Slinger                                   April Kitzinger, Nursing

Sussex                                  Forest Mrazek, Nursing

West Bend                           Jody Erickson, Nursing, John Legaspi, Nursing, Angela Mueller, Nursing, Patricia Quinlan, Communications, Kaitlin Recore, Communications, Kevin Reidy, Organizational Administration, Amanda Straub, Nursing, Bettina Washebek, Nursing, Thomas White, Organizational Administration

Students earning a bachelor degree from UW-Oshkosh in Liberal Studies with Leadership Emphasis include:

Hubertus                               Jodi Schneeweis

Port Washington                Amanda Kindschy

Saukville                               Nicholas Kelley

West Bend                           Beth Bury,Jill Fitzsimmons

To earn an Associate degree, students must earn at least 60 college credits in five different areas and maintain a 2.0 grade point average (on a scale of 4.0). Associate degrees will be presented to the following students for the 2009/ 2010 school year:                             

Allenton                                 Daniel Courtney,Jessica Lind, Kayci Lorenz, Joseph Neary, Megan Rinzel, Stephanie Rinzel, Zachary Zander

Cedarburg                            Justin Christianson, Erik Grehn, Nicholas Repinski, Rex Roebken

Colgate                                  Sarah Heyrman, Bradley Lewis. Alissa Lubbert

Fredonia                                Joshua Gaedtke, Julie Jacek, Stephanie Luft

Germantown                        Ashley Jors, Kari Lovering, Morgana Richards

Grafton                                  Noah Dalibor,Alisha Lewis, Ethan Northard, Jon Zickermann

Hartford                                Jonathan Backes,Melinda Barry, Andrew Bitner,Mary Breuer, Aaron Hultman, Edina Iriskic, Jennifer Janzer, Jenna Lulich, Joel Lundberg, Kendalynn Price, Christa Schultz, Megan Starr, Valerie Weigman, Matthew Windisch, Jacob Zoesch

Horicon                                 Ellen Benway, Emily Stellick, Tiffney Wagner

Hubertus                               Linda Ansay

Iron Ridge                             Rebecca Frank

Jackson                                Lindsey Church,Jeffrey Harry,Samantha Petrie, Adela Sadikovic

Juneau                                  Russell Hall

Kewaskum                           Jacob Clayton,Derrick Engelman,Sarah Gosdeck,Christopher Larson, Danielle Mueller

Lomira                                   Matthew Heintz

Mayville                                 Danielle Choy, Rebecca Dudek, Ashley Nickels, Krysta Schellinger

Menomonee Falls               Heidi Fillinger, David Monzingo, Danielle Ward

Milwaukee                            Shannon Aeschliman

Port Washington                Ashley Braam, Chris Kanios, Sr.

Richfield                                Jennifer Ainsworth, David Jakubowski  

Saukville                               Amirah AbuLughod, Molly Kempf

Slinger                                   Christian Cooper,Jared Gamache,Kenneth Kapal,Logan Kittelson, Michelle Millikin, Abbey Passehl, Alexander Prokopowicz, Kyle Roessler, Julie Wethered

Theresa                                Beverly Guenther, Daniel Lehman, Michael Ollerman

West Bend                           Harold Applegate, Phillip Balistriere, Vanessa Beaudry, Shawn Becker, Heather Beilke, Megan Beringer, Candace Booker, Elizabeth Busse, Justis Clayton, Mary Connelly, Shawn Erickson, Joshua Gagnon-Palick, Joshua Geidel, Maria Graciano, Nicholas Heinecke, Candace Herriges, Courtney Hodorff, Melanie Hoffmann, Nicholas Jacobs, Ian Jessup, Dave Jungmann, Mara Keller, Michael Kelley, Daniel Klotz, Danielle Klug, Karlee Koehler, Michael Lesko, Kristen Maziarka, Sherry Mikulak, Cody Mueller, Jessica Norgel, Samantha Olson, Samantha Peebles, Cali Peterleus, Kimberly Petermann, Brooke Peters, David Peterson, Peggy Roos, Rachel Ruetz, Emory Salberg, Melissa Schachtschneider, Abigayl Schleif, Leah Sowin, Emilie Steinbrenner, Christopher Storms, Alissa Straub, Megan Thelen, Tammy Towne, Jacob Whitlock, Mitchell Wilichowski, Brooke Wodsedalek, Clayton Wollner

Whitefish Bay                      Sara Lindquist

The keynote speaker will be Judge Andrew Gonring.  He received his undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Political Science from St. Norbert College and his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School.  He was elected to the Washington County Circuit Court in 2000 and re-elected in 2006.  During his 20 plus years in the private practice of law before taking the bench, Judge Gonring was active in many different civic organizations and has served as President of the West Bend School Board.  He has been active in West Bend’s Musical Masquers which has allowed him to perform many times in our very own theater. Judge Gonring and his wife have four children.  The student speaker is Leah Sowin of West Bend, President of Phi Theta Kappa.    

Scholarships totaling over $58,000 as well as departmental awards will also be awarded at the ceremony, which begins with a bagpiper led processional at 7pm in the gymnasium. The Washington County Youth Orchestra will perform prior to the ceremony, beginning at 6:30pm. No tickets are needed to attend.

The winner of a tuition raffle will also be drawn during the ceremony.  Top prize is $1,500 cash or a semester of free tuition at UW-WC.  Proceeds from the raffle will be directed to a new H.O.P.E. scholarship program.

For more information, contact the Student Services office at 262-335-5201. UW-Washington County has a current enrollment of over 1,000 students and is located at 400 University Drive in West Bend.


Sue Bausch