UW-WC to Issue Voter ID Cards

Available in January

The University of Wisconsin-Washington County will join other UW campuses in issuing voter identification cards to students on request, according to Dr. Sally Cayan, Assistant Dean of Student Affairss.

Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board has signed off on the documentation and card process.  Students may request the documentation from the student affairs offices on their campuses after the spring semester starts on January 23, 2012.

Documentation will include both a verification of enrollment document and a laminated photo ID that is approved for voting.  The documents will be available without charge. Students using a student Voter ID will need both documents in order to vote. Regular student ID cards are not acceptable at the polls.

Cayan said she believed only a few students will request the new cards. “Nearly all our students have a valid driver’s license or other official photo identification,” she said. “However, we believe it is important to make the process as easy as possible for our students who do not have other identification and wish to vote.”

UW-WC is a campus of the UW Colleges, a unit of the University of Wisconsin System comprised of 13 freshman-sophomore campuses and UW Colleges Online that offer an associate degree in arts and science and prepare students of all ages and backgrounds for baccalaureate and professional programs.


Sue Bausch