UW-WC Announces New Honors Program

Joseph F. Huber Honors Scholarship Supports Program

A new honors program designed to challenge top students will be added to the curriculum this spring at UW-Washington County (UW-WC). A set of two interdisciplinary studies courses form the basis of the program.

One of these courses, Deviant Minds (INT 290) will be offered this spring for the first time on Tuesday and Thursday at 10:50am.  The course approaches the concept of deviance from both sociological and psychological perspectives, focusing on the “deviant” (rule-breaking) categories of mental illness and criminal behavior. Teaching the course will be Psychology Professor, Dr. Margaret Hamilton and Sociology Associate Professor, Dr. Sandi Brunette-Hill. In the fall semester, When Cultures Collide will be offered, using the methods of anthropology and history to examine the flashpoints of major cultural encounters where distant and different societies come into direct conflict. Anthropology Associate Professor, Dr. Chris Hays and History Assistant Professor, Dr. Kirk Tyvela will teach this course.

The Joseph F. Huber Honor’s Scholarship in the amount of $250 will help support the new honor’s program. The scholarship will be awarded to the highest achieving student in an honors course at the end of each semester. In addition, students who successfully complete an honors course will receive an honors course designation on their transcript and receive recognition at the Commencement ceremony.

Spring semester begins January 23 and the course schedule is available in print as well as online (washington.uwc.edu).  Before registering for classes, students must be accepted for admission. To apply, visit www.uwhelp.wisconsin.edu or pick up an application from the Student Affairs Office at 400 University Drive, West Bend. Advisors are available to discuss course selection, registration and other academic needs. For more information, contact the Student Affairs Office at (262)-335-5201.


Sue Bausch