UW-WC announces Fall Convocation Ceremony

Over $46,000 in scholarships to be awarded

Last spring, the Washington County Campus Foundation held a raffle.  The top prize in the raffle was free tuition for one semester at UW-Washington County (UW-WC) or $1500 cash.  But even more important than the raffle winner, was what the proceeds from the raffle are being used for.

Thanks to community and student support, a new program, called the HOPE fund has been started this fall at UW-WC.  The HOPE fund is a special program created by the Washington County Campus Foundation to help selected students with their educational expenses at UW-WC.   H.O.P. E. stands for “Helping Optimize Potential Excellence.”  Over the years, the campus has found that often good students stop or postpone their education, due to financial issues. With the HOPE fund, the goal is to keep students in school by providing a loan that is forgiven at the end of the semester when the student completes their studies and achieves a minimum 2.0 GPA. (If the semester is not completed successfully, the loan must be repaid.)

This fall, six students received a $500 Hope loan. They include:

  1. Ethan Cortez, West Bend
  2. Jessica Gertsch, West Bend
  3. David Pecsi, West Bend
  4. Jeri Rodriguez, Germantown
  5. Thomas Sheehan, Menomonee Falls
  6. Andrew Wahl, West Bend


Sue Bausch