UW-Washington County Announces Spring Semester Dean’s List


The University of Wisconsin-Washington County has named 117 students to the Dean’s List for the Spring Semester 2010. These students have achieved academic success by achieving a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher. Three designations are awarded including: Highest Honors (GPA of 4.0), High Honors (GPA of 3.99 to 3.75) and Honor students (GPA of 3.74 to 3.50). 

Full time students:

Adell:                           Bradley Wolf (Honors)

Allenton:                      Benjamin Heinecke (High Honors),Kayci Lorenz (High Honors), Brittany McWilliams (Honors), Jeffrey Michalowski (Honors), Joseph Neary (High Honors), Megan Rinzel (Honors), Stephanie Rinzel (Honors)

Beaver Dam:               Azucena Ontiveros (High Honors)

Campbellsport:           Daniel Schladweiler (Honors)

Cascade:                     Courtney Hoffmann (Highest Honors)

Cedar Grove:              Nicholas Getson (Honors)        

Cedarburg:                  Katherine Coughlin (Honors),Melinda Kannenberg (Honors),Rex Roebken (Honors),Michael Stecker (Highest Honors)

Grafton:                       Hannah Bulgerin (Highest Honors), Shelby Knuth (Honors)

Hartford:                      Andrea Becker (Highest Honors), Brooke Kuchinski (High Honors), Nathan Luecht (Highest Honors), Kassidy Mitchell (High Honors), Megan Schlafer (Honors), Kassandra Wolf (Honors)

Horicon:                      Randi Ruppert (Honors)

Hubertus:                    Michelle Kotke (High Honors) 

Jackson:                     Samantha Petrie (Honors), Scott Zinky (High Honors)

Kewaskum:                 Nicholas Ebert (Honors), Sarah Gosdeck (Honors), Kelsey Guth (Honors), Daniel Justman (Honors), Megan Ogi (Honors), Stephanie Yahr (Honors)

Mayville:                     Kayla Helgeson (Honors), Matthew Pea (High Honors)              

Saukville:                   Amirah AbuLughod (High Honors), Maramanee Olson (Honors)

Sheboygan:                 Tracy Rothwell (Honors)                      

Slinger:                       Laurissa Heaton (High Honors), Thomas Knight (High Honors), Marissa Macejk (Honors), Nicole Prigan (Honors), Danielle Schubert (Honors), Susan Schwabe (Highest Honors)

Theresa:                      Daniel Lehman (High Honors)

Waldo:                         Elizabeth Stroik (High Honors)

West Bend:                  Jessica Becker (Honors), Jonathan Becker (High Honors), Jessica Berndt (Honors), Christopher Buss (High Honors), Timothy Buss (High Honors), Jennifer Cain (Honors), Jacob Clayton (High Honors), Zachariah DeBoer (Honors), Shawn Erickson (Honors), Brittany Filo (Honors), Sara Gronemeyer (Honors),  Nicholas Heinecke (Honors), James Henry, Jr. (Highest Honors), Jordan Hopp (High Honors), Benjamin Janus (Honors), Kyle Johnston (High Honors), Mara Keller (Honors), Michael Kelley (Honors), Daniel Klotz (High Honors), Danielle Klug (High Honors), Ross Krueger (Honors), Michael Kutz (High Honors), Jacob Lawrence (High Honors), Alin Malmsten (High Honors), Alexandra Marks (Highest Honors), Kristen Maziarka (Highest Honors), Joshua McCann (High Honors), Rebecca Mertes (Honors), Peter Nennig (Honors), Jessica Norgel (High Honors), Daniel Patten (Honors), Sarah Pearce (High Honors), Claire Pellegrini (High Honors), Christopher Pietschmann (Highest Honors), Megan Ponath (High Honors), Becky Roden (Honors), Peggy Roos (High Honors), Brianna Scheffner (High Honors), Samantha Schuette (Honors), Leah Sedlak (Honors), Kristin Stafford (High Honors), April Starr (Honors), Alissa Straub (High Honors), Travis Suchon (Honors), Natalie Titus (Honors), Jonathan Wetzel (High Honors), Amanda Wilhelmi (High Honors), Clayton Wollner (High Honors)

Part time students:

Dean’s List honors are awarded to part-time students who have earned at least 15 credits with a cumulative average of 3.5 and who carry a minimum of three credits during current semester.

Germantown:              Joan Crivello (Highest Honors), Taylor Dieringer (High Honors), Sue Wamser (Highest Honors)

Grafton:                       Philip Vincevineus (Highest Honors)

Hartford:                      David Doll (Highest Honors), Jennifer Janzer (High Honors), Paula Nelson (Honors)                

Hubertus:                    Jacquelyn Kelley (Highest Honors),Tammie Noggle-Parikka (High Honors)

Jackson:                     Lindsey Church (Honors), Eric Harry (Highest Honors), Stacy Jaszewski (Highest Honors)        

Mayville:                     Phillip McFarling (Honors)      

Port Washington:        Chris Kanios, Sr. (Honors)        

Slinger:                       Julie Wethered (Highest Honors)                                             

West Bend:                  Elizabeth Kuss (Highest Honors), Franco LaTona (High Honors), Taylor Marx (Highest Honors), Tammy Towne (Honors), Nathan Valdes (High Honors), Rebecca Whitmore (High Honors), Jesse Wulf (High Honors)

Classes for fall semester begin Thursday, September 2. Students interested in applying for admission should phone the Student Services office at 262-335-5201 or apply online 


Sue Bausch