UW-Washington County Announces Spring Semester Dean’s List


The University of Wisconsin-Washington County has named 116 students to the Dean’s List for the Spring Semester 2013. These students have achieved academic success by achieving a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher. Three designations are awarded including: Highest Honors (GPA of 4.0), High Honors (GPA of 3.99 to 3.75) and Honor students (GPA of 3.74 to 3.50).

Full time students

Campbellsport: Renee Landvatter (Honors), Patricia Mettille (High Honors), Darryl Vogelmann (Honors)

Cedarburg: Amy Hickenlooper (Highest Honors), Barry Lange (Honors), Sean Peters (High Honors), Peter Whelpley (Honors)    

Colgate: Thomas Klahorst (Honors)

Germantown: Emily Bergeron (Honors), Angela Laing (Honors), Rebecca Rieder (High Honors)

Grafton: Aaron Isbell (Honors), Stacie Lubetski (Honors)

Hartford: Joe Coarsey, Jr. (High Honors), Daniel Doyle (Honors), Shauna Hanrahan (Honors), Amanda Kirnberger (Highest Honors), Ashley Langenecker (High Honors), Jennifer Magruder (High Honors), Chase Meifert (High Honors), Mallory Mercier (High Honors), Moriah Michalak (High Honors), Alyssa Polzin (Honors), Amber Walls (Highest Honors)

Horicon: Alex Schneider (High Honors), Kathlena Schneider (High Honors)

Jackson: Joshua Hagedorn (High Honors), Blake Luedtke (Honors), Nathan Schultz (Honors)                     

Kewaskum: Mackenzie Kremer (High Honors), Laura Kriewaldt (High Honors), Aarika Spalding (Honors)

Mayville: Mark Lichtenberg (Highest Honors), Sheena Rathke (Honors)

Menomonee Falls: James Ganiere (Highest Honors)

Milwaukee: Sarah Aeschliman (Highest Honors)

Necedah: Michael Van Dusen (High Honors)

Neosho: Nicholas Cerfus (Highest Honors), Jake Drajeske (High Honors)

Port Washington: Danny Johns (Highest Honors), Jessica Klein (Honors), Patrick McDonough (Honors), Samuel Mendolia-White (Honors), Julia Roden (High Honors)

Richfield: Carly Musbach (Highest Honors)

Saukville: Joshua Zorn (High Honors)

Sheboygan:  Kelli Collett (High Honors)

Slinger: Daniel Breuer (High Honors), Jenna Fassbender (Honors), Ryne Gruber (Highest Honors), Zachary Hintze (Honors), Thomas Klein (Highest Honors), Jordan Loesl (High Honors), April Wagner (Honors)

West Bend:  Alecia Ackley (Honors), Sean Adamec (Honors), Coley Barnett (Honors), Grace Beyer (High Honors), Jade Bollig (Highest Honors), Clare Braun (Honors), Aaron Davies (Honors), Melissa Dock (Honors), Tyler Estes (Honors), Sarah Falter (Honors), Courtney Hahn (High Honors), David Healey (Honors), Nicholas Hunt (Highest Honors), Megan Kaehny (Honors), Stuart Karas (Honors), Vanya Koepke (Honors), Andrew Kovacich (High Honors), Tiffany Legate (Honors), Megan Link (Honors), Lopez Flores, Efrain (Honors), Taylor Madrinich (Honors), Taylor McCabe (Honors), Kathryn Merkel (High Honors), James Ozminkowski (High Honors), Lisa Randolph (High Honors), Jenna Rieves (Honors), Jacob Rindfleisch (High Honors), Jamie Robbins (Honors), Heather Ruplinger (Highest Honors), Robert Schafer (High Honors), Adam Schneider (High Honors), Amanda Schussman (Highest Honors), Tyler Sterr (Honors), Noelle Storms (Honors), Tanya White (Honors), Lisa Zeit (High Honors)

Part time students

Dean’s List honors are awarded to part-time students who have earned at least 15 credits with a cumulative average of 3.5 and who carry a minimum of three credits during current semester.  

Allenton: Roberta Schoofs (Honors)                   

Germantown: Jesse Borowski (High Honors), Stephanie Gamm (Highest Honors)

Hartford: Ann Albrecht (High Honors), Kevin Boylen (Honors)

Hubertus: Jacquelyn Kelley (Highest Honors)

Jackson: Garrett Finn (Honors), Yvonne Schwalen (Highest Honors), Scott Zinky (High Honors)

Kewaskum: Duane Farrand (Highest Honors), Dylan Tischendorf (Highest Honors)

Richfield: Edward Kamptner, Jr. (Highest Honors), Nathan Rusch (Highest Honors), Patricia Wood (High Honors)

Saukville: Taylor Zorn (High Honors)

Slinger: Lynn Peterson (Highest Honors)

Theresa: Michele Wilkes (Honors)

West Bend: Amy Anderson (Honors), JoAnn Fiedler (Highest Honors), Christopher Kleman (Highest Honors), Catharine Krieps (Highest Honors), Monique Schowalter (Honors), Pamala Schussman (Highest Honors), Cynthia Spangenberg (Highest Honors), Davon Wille (Honors), Lauren Winklbauer (Highest Honors)

Classes for fall semester begin Tuesday, September 3. Students interested in applying for admission should phone the Student Services office at 262-335-5201 or apply online on the campus website at washington.uwc.edu  The campus is located at 400 University Drive in West Bend.


Sue Bausch