UW-Washington County Announces Fall Semester Dean’s List


The University of Wisconsin-Washington County has named 103 students to the Dean’s List for the Fall Semester 2008. These students have achieved academic success by achieving a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher. Three designations are awarded including: Highest Honors (GPA of 4.0), High Honors (GPA of 3.99 to 3.75) and Honor students (GPA of 3.74 to 3.50). 

Full time students:

Allenton:                      Kayci Lorenz (High Honors), Jeffrey Michalowski (Honors)

Campbellsport:           Hannah Harvey (Honors)

Cedarburg:                  Justin Christianson (High Honors), Abigail Hartwig (High Honors), Michael Stecker (Honors)   

Fredonia:                     Jessica Schweiger (Honors), Alexander Waranius (Honors)

Germantown:              Marissa Goelden (Honors),  Brittany Kimmitt (High Honors), Nicholas Scholl (High Honors)

Grafton:                       Ryan Shelvik (Honors)

Hartford:                     Amelia Arenson (Honors), Jennifer Janzer (Honors), Nathan Luecht (Honors)

Tiffany Severson (High Honors), Alexandra Vanden Heuvel (Honors), Stephanie Weinfurter (Highest Honors), Katie Wittig (High Honors)           

Hubertus:                    Zachary McGinn (Honors), Ashley Meleski (Honors)

Hustisford:                  Emily Stellick (Honors)

Jackson:                     Lindsey Church (High Honors), Stephanie Dobberpuhl (Honors), Nicholas Oliver (Honors),

                                    Jeremy Wedell (High Honors)

Kewaskum:                 Emily Boden (Honors), Jacob Clayton (High Honors), Justis Clayton (Honors),

                                    Caitlin Gaynor (Honors), Ben Johnson (High Honors), Shelly Lebiecki (Honors)

Mayville:                     Alissa Rader (Honors)

Montello:                     Korey Rathkamp (Honors)

Port Washington:        Chris Kanios, Sr. (High Honors), Taylor Last (Honors)

Random Lake:             Leah Sowin (Honors)

Richfield:                     Cody Dhein (Highest Honors), Nicole Roskopf (Honors)

Saukville:                   Amirah AbuLughod (High Honors), Melissa Toeller (High Honors)      

Slinger:                       Brian Becker (Honors), Kenneth Breuer (High Honors), Kelly Enderle (Honors),

                                    Andrew Killeen (High Honors), Lauren Liske (High Honors), Elizabeth Uecker (Honors),

                                    Julie Wethered (Highest Honors)

Theresa:                      Rose Steiner (High Honors)

West Bend:                  Carly Alexander (Honors), Harold Applegate III (High Honors), April Bautista (Honors),

                                    Nicholas Bell (High Honors), Megan Beringer (High Honors), Andrew Bossler (Honors),

                                    Andrew Bruni (Honors), Jacob Cochran (Honors), David Gasperetti (High Honors),

                                    Ryan Haire (High Honors), Joe Holquist (Highest Honors), Abby Jensen (High Honors),

                                    Michael Kelley (High Honors), Jackson Kesy (Honors), Daniel Klotz (Highest Honors),

                                    Trevor Koenings (Honors), Shara Krans (Honors), Jacob Lawrence (High Honors),

                                    Lisa Matthies (High Honors), Kristen Maziarka (Highest Honors), Joshua McCann (Honors),

                                    Michelle Michael (Honors), Brittany Mondloch (Honors), Kasie Netko (High Honors),

                                    Keely Pemberton (Honors), Adam Roehl (High Honors), Erin Roehl (High Honors),

                                    Peggy Roos (Honors), Rachel Ruetz (High Honors), Melissa Schachtschneider (Highest Honors),

                                    April Starr (High Honors), Christopher Storms (Honors), Alissa Straub (High Honors),

                                    Jessica Towle (High Honors), Nathan Valdes (Honors)

Part time students:

Fredonia:                     Jaclyn Hull (High Honors), Erik Simonson (Highest Honors)

Germantown:              Joan Crivello (Highest Honors), Joshua Larson (Highest Honors), Judith Wagner (Highest Honors)

Hartford:                      Ann Albrecht (Honors), Wayne Anderson (High Honors), Ryan Garrison (Highest Honors),

                                    Paula Nelson (Highest Honors)

Hubertus:                    Tammie Noggle-Parikka (Highest Honors)

Kewaskum:                 Kelly Martin (Honors)

Port Washington:        Maria Ellenbecker (Honors), Jennifer Harris (High Honors)      

Slinger:                       Jessica Becker (Highest Honors)                                  

West Bend:                  Shavonne Mortonson (Honors), Courteney Radonski (Highest Honors), Barbara Schellhaass (Highest Honors), Tammy Towne (Highest Honors), Suzanne Wedeward (Highest Honors)

Classes for spring semester begin Monday, January 26. If you are interested in applying for admission, please phone the Student Services office at 262-335-5201 


Sue Bausch