UW-Washington County Announces Fall Semester Dean’s List


The University of Wisconsin-Washington County has named 118 students to the Dean’s List for the Fall Semester 2011. These students have achieved academic success by achieving a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher. Three designations are awarded including: Highest Honors (GPA of 4.0), High Honors (GPA of 3.99 to 3.75) and Honor students (GPA of 3.74 to 3.50). 

Full Time Students

Allenton: Sarah McWilliams (High Honors)           

Cedarburg: Christian Crandal (Honors), Emily Repinski (High Honors)

Colgate: Joshua Brinkman (High Honors), Danielle Zold (Honors) 

Fredonia: Samantha Stageman (High Honors)

Germantown: Chelsea Bertheaume (High Honors), Matthew Goetz (Honors), Patricia Mettille (High Honors), Nathan Mislang (High Honors)

Grafton: Daniel Kaneiss (Honors), Matthew Locke (Honors), Patrick McDonough (High Honors)

Hartford:  Kimberlee Ashwell (Honors), Paige Becker (Honors), Michael Chirillo (Honors), Daniel Doyle (Honors), Shauna Hanrahan (Honors), Autumn Hargraves (Honors), Amanda Kirnberger (High Honors), Ashley Langenecker (Honors), Ivan Lindgren (High Honors), Mallory Mercier (High Honors), Brooke Weber (High Honors)

Hubertus: Dustin Atkielski (Honors), Gabrielle Yank (High Honors)

Jackson: Kyle Giesenschlag (High Honors), Rachel Greefkes (High Honors), Monique Schowalter (High Honors), Nathan Schultz (Honors)

Kewaskum: Sadie Hennig (Highest Honors), Michael Kofler (High Honors), Caleb Olla (Honors), Jared Schneider (Honors), Brooke Waala (Highest Honors)

Mayville: Jenny Ritterbusch (Honors),Anna Steil (High Honors)

Menomonee Falls:  Theodore Tracy (Highest Honors)

Necedah: Michael Van Dusen (Honors)

Neosho: Nicholas Cerfus (Highest Honors)

Port Washington: Alexandra Steffen (High Honors), Chelsea Stietz (High Honors)  

Richfield: Blaise Arens (High Honors),Alyssa Schuster (High Honors)        

Saukville: Leo Buser (High Honors), Maureen Ross (Honors)

Slinger: Rebekah Carroll (Highest Honors), Ryne Gruber (High Honors), Amanda Kinnunen (Honors), Mitchel Ossana (Honors), Leah Uecker (High Honors), Aja Zarling (High Honors), Amy Zingsheim (High Honors)

Theresa: Michele Wilkes (High Honors)

West Bend: Erik Adkins (High Honors), Anton Balzar (Honors), Benjamin Breuer (High Honors), Timothy Buss (High Honors), Stacy Chesak (Highest Honors), Danielle Christl (Honors), Aaron Davies (High Honors), Julie Friess (High Honors), Kaylee Fritz (Honors), Sam Gaudet (High Honors), Michelle Geidel (High Honors), James Gelder (Highest Honors), Leah Heilman (Honors), Sara Helland (Honors), Kelsey Jashinsky (Honors), Megan Kaehny (Highest Honors), Collin Koepp (Honors), Tyler Kutz (Honors), John Lapota (Honors), Sarah Locke (Highest Honors), Alexandra Marks (High Honors), Qudija McDade (High Honors), Abigail Monahan (High Honors), Peter Nennig (Highest Honors), Rebecca Obregon (Honors), Arin Olson (High Honors), Katharine Oscar (Honors), David Pecsi (Honors), Elise Peters (Highest Honors), Joshua Pruner (Honors), Lisa Randolph (Highest Honors), Codi Rodriguez (Honors), Alexandra Rudolf (Highest Honors), Amanda Schussman (High Honors), Alexander Shumay (Honors), Jessica Sullivan (Honors), James Talkington (Honors), Jenna Wiederhold (High Honors)

Part Time Students

Dean’s List honors are awarded to part-time students who have earned at least 15 credits with a cumulative average of 3.5 and who carry a minimum of three credits during current semester.

Allenton: Roberta Schoofs (High Honors)

Cedarburg:  Julie Tenney (Honors)

Germantown: Joan Crivello (Highest Honors)              

Grafton: Florence Zickermann (Highest Honors)

Hartford: Kevin Boylen (Honors), Jonathan Brogden (High Honors), Jennifer Connors (High Honors), Brian Krebs (Honors), Franco LaTona (Highest Honors), Barbara Radschlag (Highest Honors)

Jackson: Justin Patten (Honors), Yvonne Schwalen (Highest Honors)

Kewaskum: Benjamin Kingsbury (High Honors)

Menomonee Falls: Ryan Garrison (Highest Honors), Michael Kierzek (Highest Honors)

Port Washington: Shannon Scott (Highest Honors)

Richfield: Patricia Wood (High Honors)

Rubicon: Becky Carter (Highest Honors)                                                              

West Bend: Stephanie Hammonds (Honors), Nicholas Hunt (High Honors), Christine Hunter (Highest Honors), Micayla Rathke (Highest Honors), Pamala Schussman (Honors), Jonathan Wetzel (Highest Honors), Brenda Wilhelm (High Honors), Lauren Winklbauer (Highest Honors)

Classes for spring semester begin Monday, January 23. Students interested in applying for admission should phone the Student Affairs office at 262-335-5201 or apply online on the campus website at washington.uwc.edu  The campus is located at 400 University Drive in West Bend. 


Sue Bausch