Top Student Athletes Recognized at UW-WC


Top awards to UW-Washington County (UW-WC) student athletes were presented by Debbie Butschlick and Professor Roger Peterson, WCC Faculty Representative at a May 5 Athletic banquet held in their honor.   

Top Female Athlete of the Year award was given to Alissa Straub, West Bend. Alissa was named to the WCC 1st Team All Conference and WJCAA 1st Team All State in volleyball and tennis (singles and doubles).

The top Male Athlete of the Year award went to Noah Dalibor of Grafton.  Noah was named to the WCC All-Conference First Team and WJCAA 1st Team All State in soccer.  This was the 22nd consecutive year that the two top athlete awards were given by the Pick Family.

Scholar athlete awards were presented by Tom Brigham (former athletic director) to: Lindsey Church, Jackson (volleyball, basketball), Josh Gagnon-Palick, West Bend (basketball), Jordan Hopp, West Bend (soccer), Mike Kelley, West Bend (soccer, tennis), Kayci Lorenz, Allenton (volleyball, tennis), Joe Neary, Allenton (basketball), Megan Rinzel, Allenton (volleyball, tennis), Stephanie Rinzel, Allenton (volleyball, tennis), Peggy Roos, West Bend (basketball) and Alissa Straub, West Bend (volleyball, tennis). Lindsey Church was also awarded Scholar Athlete of the Year. 


Sue Bausch